7 Flexible Jobs That Will Turn You Into an Entrepreneur Mom

While many moms would love to be stay-at-home moms, the reality is that few families can afford to survive on one income these days. There is a way, however, to be around for your children while also contributing financially to the household- working from home.

There are so many different opportunities to work from home these days that anybody could find something which suited them. Here are seven of the best flexible jobs for moms to work from home. 

Making and Selling Crafts 

On sites such as Etsy and even eBay, it’s possible to make money selling just about anything. Moms who are good at sewing often use their talents to make personalized baby blankets and other handcrafts. Even if you don’t have a particular talent, it’s not too hard to learn to make items such as candles and body scrubs. These kinds of products are particularly fruitful because people use and buy them regularly, meaning you can easily get repeat customers if your merchandise is of a high quality.

Working from home probably means you have to juggle the time you’ve set aside for work with your household chores, cooking, and taking care of your kids. Given the limited amount of time you can actually spend on work, it’s a wise idea to start using tools that can make your life easier. For example, if you want to reach hundreds of potential customers at a time to notify them about your special deals and discounts, you can use email-to-SMS services that enable you to send an email to all of your contacts at once and have it received as an SMS. Using such tools goes a long way when it comes to saving time and resources on your marketing efforts. 


If you don’t want to try making your own products, you could choose to work for an established company such as Amway. Amway creates health and beauty products that have already proven to be popular. You can use your existing networks to create an income stream for yourself, working hours that suit your lifestyle. Training and support are provided. If you’re not sure where to start, have a look at Amway’s Twitter page for inspiration.  



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There are numerous opportunities for moms to make a living by writing from home. You could choose to start your own blog about absolutely anything that interests you and use affiliate links or advertising to monetize the blog and join a best affiliate programs that commission a high and recurring income for you.

.You can work as a self-employed writer, creating content for websites, working with private clients, and writing articles for newspapers and magazines. You can even write and market short stories while penning that future novel. Technical writing is a particularly lucrative area to go into for anyone who has a degree in an area such as information technology.  


For moms who speak more than one language, translation is an alternative to writing. Translators almost always translate from their second language into their mother tongue. Good translators have excellent writing skills in their first language, as well as a high skill level in their second language. The amount that you could expect to earn as a translator depends not only on your ability but also on the combination of languages, with some language combinations being much more in demand than others.  

Child Care 

If you’re already at home with your own children, it makes a lot of sense to make some money looking after additional children. This is particularly suitable for anyone who has previously worked in child care. There are many different options, from opening an in-home licensed daycare to working as a nanny for one or more families. Some families need child care for the whole day, while many others need help for a few hours after school. It’s important to research local regulations to see what certifications are required.  

Teaching English Online 

It’s possible to teach English online to either children or adults. There are a number of different companies hiring native English speakers to teach the language. Some require teaching qualifications and/or experience. A popular site for teaching English to adults is Italki. 

Dog Walking 

Moms who are into fitness and enjoy being outside may want to consider dog walking as a way to make some extra money. Some dog owners simply don’t have time to walk their dogs every day and are willing to pay for the service. It’s possible to walk several dogs at a time once you have a number of regular customers.  

Hopefully, this list of jobs will inspire you to continue to look into working from home. This kind of job enables you to work only the hours that you are available. These can be increased as your children enter preschool and then elementary school and high school. As well as earning income, working from home is a great way to develop marketable skills such as sales and bookkeeping. This will help you gain regular employment again in the future if you choose to do so.

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