6 ways you can avoid a car accident 

No one likes to expect the worst. But even the safest and most sensible of drivers can get caught up in car accidents. Therefore, it’s important to remind yourself of the dangers of the road and how reckless other drivers can be. 

Thousands of car accidents occur each year, but just because they’re common it doesn’t mean that you should simply accept it. Read on for 6 ways you can avoid a car accident. 

Stay sober behind the wheel

No one wants to be caught driving under the influence. It’s enough to ruin your life and even destroy someone else’s. A DUI accident can have far-reaching consequences, so the safest option is to not drink and drive! Select a designated driver or attend bars or functions via a cab so you’re not tempted to drive afterwards. While it’s true that you cannot control other people’s actions, if you suspect someone of drink driving then you should alert the authorities as soon as possible. 

Remember to check your blind spots

If you’ve been driving for a long time, it’s easy to fall into bad habits, failing to indicate or not checking all your mirrors and blind spots. Sadly, all of these things could have devastating consequences. When you’re driving make sure you’re checking all of your mirrors and physically moving in your seat to check those blind spots. Don’t just rely on your mirrors or even your reversing camera. Be vigilant. 

Avoid night-time driving

It’s often inevitable that we have to drive at night, but it’s always better to avoid it if possible. Most people don’t have much experience driving at night, and despite what people may believe, driving at night reduces your visibility, especially by oncoming lights, traffic and the limited light provided by your headlamps. You’re also more likely to encounter drunk drivers or people driving erratically. Stick to day time driving where possible. 

Don’t drive when you’re tired

Up all night with the kids? Or just had a long day? We all lead such busy lives, it’s easy to forget that we should only be driving when we’re fully awake and alert. Even if you’re not likely to fall asleep at the wheel, if you’re tired then your reaction times are likely to increase which leaves you more likely to be involved in an accident. Simply put, if you’re too tired to drive – don’t!

Don’t drive when you’re angry

You’ve had a bad day at work or had an argument with your partner or maybe the kids are being difficult. If you’re driving when your emotions can get the better of you, you’re more likely to drive erratically, be distracted, make rash decisions and be involved in a crash. If you’re feeling particularly angry or frustrated, don’t set off until you’re calm and collected. Try some simple breathing exercises or try and resolve the issue that’s making you angry.

Turn down those distractions

Loud music, a particularly engrossing podcast, the kids in the backseat or your smartphone vibrating – all of these distractions can limit your ability to drive appropriately and keep your eyes on the road. Limit your distractions as much as possible to keep you and your family safe.  


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