6 Things Things to Know Before Buying an Outdoor Pizza Oven

Pizza making is a social art and nothing forms a better entertainment centre-piece than a great oven. This article details some of the things you need to know before buying a pizza oven which includes its price, the fuel it uses and the permanence or portability in general. 

It also advises on how the oven aesthetics or style, size of the oven, together with the ease of operation play a role in your buying decision. 

Things to Know Before Buying an Outdoor Pizza Oven  

  • Permanent or Portable Pizza Oven 

The permanent immovable pizza oven is often built when one has more outdoor space. They can form an entertainment centrepiece in your yard. Most are built using brick and are wood-fired. They require a lot of patience to use. 

On the other hand, the portable outdoor pizza oven is a versatile one. It is best suited for a person who loves to entertain both at home and on the move. They are light to ensure ease of handling and have a short cook time. 

Portable pizza ovens are convenient and come in different variables depending on your preference. You can easily choose from wood-fired, electric or gas-fired ones. The materials that make them also vary significantly between ceramic, stainless steel, carbon steel and stone. 

  • Fuel 

You need to know what fuel your outdoor pizza oven uses before acquiring one. There are three types: the propane(gas) fired oven, the electric oven, and the wood-fired one.  

Your preference will mainly be determined on what kind of fuel is easily available to you. It is also important to note that with the wood-fired oven, it is not easy to regulate the cooking temperature. Nevertheless, some people still prefer it because wood gives your pizza some distinct flavor. 

With the electric oven, you can maintain a constant cooking temperature throughout and this produces evenly cooked pizza. The gas-fired ones are also easily regulated by a pretty easy flame adjustment. 

Keep in mind that the more environmentally friendly fuels are electricity and gas because they do not produce soot, unlike wood. Wood is also not a sustainable source because there are restrictions on its use in some areas.  

  • Price 

Depending on the features of an individual oven, some may be very expensive while others are fairly affordable. Consider your budget before making a purchase. While at it, get to know which features you are willing to make concessions on and vice versa. 

For instance, most portable pizza ovens are more costly than the permanent ones but if you are one who needs your oven while camping or travelling, you will have to go for the portable oven despite its cost. Visit : healthy dinner ideas 

  • Size of Oven and Space 

Depending on the size of your outdoor space, you will want to get an oven that is proportional to it. A massive oven will only crowd a small space. An extremely small oven may also not get as much attention in a big space. 

The pizza oven capacity also plays a role in that some may accommodate up to 3 pizzas at a time while others may only cook one pizza at a time. Depending on how you intend to use the oven, keep this into consideration. 

  • Pizza Oven Aesthetics or Style 

You should consider the general aesthetic of the oven and how it fits into your outdoor space before making a purchase. A permanent brick pizza will easily blend in with the outdoors of a traditional brick house. 

On the other hand, a stainless steel one will stand out in a more chic, modern or minimalist house because it looks polished and simple. 

Choose your oven depending on your style but remember the first rule of design: form follows function. As such, make sure the pizza oven you choose does not only meet the aesthetics, but it is functional for your cooking needs. It would be best to check out some reviews on sites like Pizza Oven Pros to help you choose.

  • Ease of Operation 

You should consider this because different types of pizza ovens will require different levels of handling during use. 

For instance, in a wood-fired one, you will be required to regularly add wood or remove some to regulate the temperature, and even then, you cannot be sure that it is well regulated. Your attention is required at the oven throughout the cooking process. 

However, with the gas-fired oven, you will only require to regulate the flame and the temperature is easily regulated. You are therefore not required to invest all your attention in the cooking process at all times. It is easier to use. 


In conclusion, some of the things to know before buying an outdoor pizza oven include its permanence or portability, the fuel it requires, the ease of operation, the price and the aesthetics (style). 

For an outdoorsy adventurous person who would like to cook on the go, a portable pizza oven is highly recommended.  



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