6 Things to Avoid Doing in New York

6 Things to Avoid Doing in New York

If you had to choose just one place in North America to visit, then New York would probably be it – although this, of course depends on your taste for urban or rural areas. The Big Apple has it all; an indelible sense of history mixed in with modernity.

The Statue of Liberty is there, as are the famously expensive swaths of Manhattan real estate. In fact, while you’re there, you it is best to take a bus tour of New York City to experience the place fully instead of walking and probably getting lost. Then, perhaps, you can visit individual spots at length and join the legions of people who make repeat trips to the great state.


  1. In New York, Avoid Taking Taxis

Obviously, this mostly refers to tourists. Chances are, you’re visiting at the same time as a lot of other tourists, and the streets will be busier than any other place you’ve been to – rivaled only by Los Angeles traffic.

Besides, the taxicabs are expensive, since the demand for them is so high. You’re better off taking an Uber or Lyft; and, you’re unlikely to get lost given the GPS-powered nature of the latter. Just watch out for surge pricing with the Uber alternative. Especially for employees, it would be ideal to drive your own vehicle and get the fastest route home from your workplace.


  1. Visit the Empire State Building and the Observation Deck – But Early in the Morning

You’ve probably traveled to New York specifically to visit this historic site. However, unless you come in the offseason, you’ll see that the lines are atrocious – you’ll literally have to wait all day to get to the very top. That’s why you should take the tour early in the morning to avoid the hassle.

If, however, you choose not to see the observation deck, you’ll see that it’s fantastic anywhere from about 80% of the building on up. The sense of history that’s preserved in this building is matched by few other places, so it’s worth a visit.


  1. Go to High Line Park on the Weekdays

This one half-mile elevated park is a site/sight to behold, and a major tourist attraction. In fact; even the locals frequent it – especially on the weekends, when they’re off work. This means that if you wait until Friday, Saturday and Sunday to go there for memorable pictures, you’ll be jostled about a bit.

Otherwise, High Line Park is an urban marvel; a makeshift park where a transportation line used to be. Lounge on a park bench, or walk and sightsee – but only if it isn’t too crowded, otherwise there won’t be any space for much else besides walking up and down with the crowd.


  1. Seeing the Statue of Liberty Up Close Can Be Difficult

After all, the little islet that houses this great and moving beacon isn’t very big, and only about 300 tickets are available to see it on any given day. As you might have guessed, these tickets are secured up to a year in advance. Trust us when we say that seeing the Statue of Liberty from Battery Park is still an overwhelming experience if you haven’t bought your tickets in advance.


  1. Don’t Lounge on the Sidewalks

This is fine for other cities; but in New York, stopping on the sidewalk is an unspoken no-no. It’s the primary mode of transportation for most people; you can tell this just by looking at the mass of bodies moving in concert in either direction.

As such, don’t text and walk, or stop with your group and talk; this will cause people to bump into you constantly.


  1. Avoid Common Eateries

You can do as you like, of course; but one must ask: why make a trip to one of the greatest cities in the world just to eat at the same restaurant brand you can have at home? There are so many unique and ethnic dishes in New York, that you’d be missing out not to try any of them.

But if you are keen on eating at one of the popular restaurants you’ve been reading on, make sure to make your reservations way in advance because all the hot spot restaurants in New York will most likely be booked months in advance.


  1. Rosie says

    This is great information – I’ve only seen posts what to do, never what not! This is actually more helpful! I haven’t been to New York in a while, I’d like to go again!

  2. I do not understand people who go to a great place like this and then eat at Denny’s. I love to try the local eateries.

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