6 Smart Ways To Save Time On Cleaning Your House 

House cleaning can be a time-consuming process. Even in a small house, the combination of different surfaces to clean and places for dirt and dust to accumulate can make cleaning unmanageable. As a hardworking homeowner, you don’t have the time in your busy schedule to take hours to clean each week. However, a dirty house can be a health risk as well as a social embarrassment. There are many ways to cut down on cleaning time though. Read on for ways to same time on cleaning your house.  

Set A Timer 

A great way to manage your cleaning time is with a timer. Decide how much time you want to spend cleaning in one sitting. Then, subdivide this time among various duties and sections of the house. The timer winding down will keep you on task. Breaking your cleaning routine into chunks will also keep your mood positive. Knowing when the process should end will help you manage the time more effectively. A timer can be a great tool to focus your attention and decrease your cleaning time. 

Clean Your House As You Go 

Cleaning sessions can be kept short if you make an effort to clean your house as you go. Maintaining your cleanliness is easier than waiting for spring cleaning every year. Don’t let dirt and grime build up in your house. Make a point of cleaning spills and stains when you cause them. It will take less time to deal with such stains now rather than leave them until next time. Additionally, if you keep trash and clutter from accumulating in rooms, it will be easier to take them out. Proactively cleaning your house will ensure you take less time. 

Organize Cleaning Supplies 

Next, organize your cleaning supplies so that they are accessible. This will speed up your time since cleaning can be time consuming that requires a wide range of different tools and products. At times, every surface and appliance seem to need a different combination of cleaning solutions and tools. You can waste a lot of time looking for the right tools while you clean. Keeping these items organized will ensure that you have everything in arms reach as you work.  

Let Cleaning Products Sit 

If you struggle to keep certain surfaces clean, give the cleaning solution time to work. When you clean with vinegar, it’s a cheap way to get all of the dirt out. Leave the cleaning solution for a half hour or so and clean something else. You will find the surface needs less scrub time. This not only saves you time, it saves you energy scrubbing a seemingly impossible stain. Many cleaning products need time to seep into stains and grime. Having a little patience here, will save you time later on. 

Clean Top Down 

A great way to avoid repeat cleaning is to clean rooms from top down. Dirt and cleaning products are all subject to the laws of gravity. As you clean this way, the cleaning products will seep down into other surfaces, preparing them for cleaning. Additionally, as you clean, you will knock dust and other dirt to the floor. Cleaning the floor last ensures that you also get this additional mess and only have to clean it once. Especially with a cordless vacuum, it should not take long to get around to all of the floors. Cleaning with gravity from top to bottom will make things much easier. 

Hire A Maid Service 

Many cleaning companies, like CleanArte Maid Service can save your time by doing regular cleanings. If are busy working, this option is perfect for anyone who struggles to keep the house clean. According to Amazon Cleaning’s maid services in Atlanta GA, “regular house cleaning services should include deep cleaning of bathrooms and kitchens, cleaning of baseboards, high ceilings, doors and windows.” These services would cover all of the regular cleaning activities that you normally for the house, saving you plenty of time to keep working or relax when you get home. 

There are a few straightforward ways you can down on your cleaning time. Set timers for your cleaning time to keep yourself focused. Keep clutter down and clean things up as you go to save time actually cleaning. Organize your cleaning supplies to improve time efficiency. Let cleaning products sit on stains and grime to save time scrubbing. Clean a room from top to bottom to save on repeat cleaning. Also, consider a cleaning company to provide routine maid services for your house. Using these strategies, you can cut your cleaning time significantly.

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