5 Ways To Prepare Your Trees For Hurricane Season 

As hurricane season approaches, ensuring that your trees are prepared to withstand strong winds and heavy rain is crucial. Proper tree maintenance can reduce the risk of property damage and improve safety. It is advisable to allocate time and resources to the preparation of your trees if you reside in regions that are susceptible to hurricanes, such as Decatur.  

In this blog post, our professionals from Southern Star Tree will show five effective ways to prepare your trees for hurricane season, with the help of a professional tree service in Decatur. 

Consistent Pruning 

In order to preserve the health and resilience of trees, pruning is a critical procedure. Regular pruning is beneficial in removing overgrown, deceased, or weak branches that may pose a hazard during a hurricane. A professional tree service in Decatur can evaluate your trees and identify branches that require pruning. In addition to reducing the likelihood of branches breaking off and causing damage, proper pruning also enhances air circulation within the tree, thereby reducing its susceptibility to wind damage. 

Proper Mulching 

Mulching is a straightforward yet efficient method of safeguarding your trees during hurricane season. A healthy root system is vital to the stability of a tree, and it is more likely to retain moisture when it is well-mulched. Spread a layer of organic mulch around the base of your trees, being careful not to pile it against the trunk. This practice safeguards the roots from heavy rainfall and prevents soil erosion. Professional tree services can provide recommendations for the most effective mulching practices for your specific trees. 

Evaluation of Tree Health 

It is essential to conduct a comprehensive health assessment of your trees to prepare for hurricane season. Trees that are diseased, infested with pests, or structurally compromised are more likely to fail during a storm. A certified arborist from a tree service can conduct a thorough health check, identifying any issues that require attention. A comprehensive tree care routine that includes promptly treating diseases and pest infestations can substantially improve the tree’s ability to withstand extreme weather conditions. 

Cabling and Bracing 

Additional support can be provided by cabling and bracing for trees with large branches or multiple trunks. This method entails the installation of rigid braces and flexible cables to assist in the redistribution of structural tension during periods of high wind. A tree service in Decatur can determine whether your trees would benefit from this approach and implement the requisite hardware in a professional manner. Cabling and bracing are particularly useful for preserving the integrity of mature trees that you want to protect from hurricane damage. 

Protection of the Root System 

The health and resilience of a tree’s root system are significant factors in determining its stability during a hurricane. Protecting the root system involves several practices, including avoiding construction or heavy machinery near the tree, which can damage the roots. Also, ensure that the soil around your trees is well-drained, as waterlogged soil can weaken the roots. A tree service can offer expert advice and interventions to improve the health of your tree’s roots if you suspect any issues. 

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