5 Ways to Find Time For Yourself

Finding time for yourself comes down to mastering your schedule. By creating time for yourself, you’ll have the ability to do all the things you want to do every day. In this article, we offer five ways to make time in your day dedicated just to you. To start incorporating more me-time into your days, read on and discover how to manage your time. 

  • Wake Up Early 

The earlier you wake up, the longer your day will feel. To get into the habit of waking up early, gradually start waking up fifteen minutes earlier than usual and continue with this pattern until you’re waking up at a time that feels practical to you. It might take you a week or two before you’re really on track. Don’t judge yourself for the process!  

  • Create A Nightly Routine 

Before bed, set aside time to be with yourself. Before bed is a great time for self-care and to practice centering yourself. Part of building a healthy lifestyle is winding down and using self-soothing methods to bring your day to a close. Rub your wrists in essential oils, meditate, and journal your thoughts to gain confidence, raise energy, and feel positive before sleep. Setting aside time before bed to do these things will help you feel like you have more control over your busy day.  

  • Take Advantage of Driving Time 

Whenever you’re driving, make this part of your me-time. Listen to Podopolo podcasts or your favorite radio station and enjoy your own company. When you start to appreciate these time slots, you’ll feel like the day is yours and will find more enjoyment out of the added balance. Incorporate these ideas as you go on your breaks, drive to and from work, pick your kids up from school, and run errands. We spend a lot of time in the car without realizing it, so you can choose to make the most of this time by celebrating it as a time for self-importance. 

  • Exercise Every Day  

Exercise is essential for good health. For the sake of your wellbeing and your interest in gaining more me-time make fitness part of your daily routine. You will need to box in a set amount of time for your workouts, so already, by doing this, you are creating time in your day for yourself. Even if you can only dedicate twenty minutes to workout, that is twenty minutes that you choose to put your needs first and to break away from the day’s demands. If it allows for more time, workout in your neighborhood or a location close to your office, so you don’t feel rushed to get back to the daily grind after you exercise. This strategy also works for stay-at-home mom’s looking to stay fit while remaining close to home. 

Accompanying exercise with regular medical visits is also a great idea. After all, there are still some services that only medical experts can provide. To find reliable medical practitioners within your area, searching for terms like “dentist near me San Leandro”, “ENT near me”, or “chiropractor in Kansas” should make it a bit easier.

  • Practice Mindful Eating 

When you sit down to enjoy a meal or snack, do so mindfully, You will naturally slow down and enjoy your food while feeling that you have more time to be in the moment. We often rush to eat and keep our minds preoccupied on other things. Make an effort to just be there with your meal instead for increased personal time.  

The Bottom Line 

Making time for yourself is all about being strategic with your daily schedule. Work on waking up earlier so you have more time in your day to get in everything you need and want. It takes commitment and gratitude to incorporate me-time into a busy lifestyle, but you can do it with these steps and determination. Self-care isn’t selfish, so use your time wisely! 

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