5 Ways to Deal with Lower Back Pain After Pregnancy

5 Ways to Deal with Lower Back Pain After Pregnancy

While the words “good news” and “lower back pain” have no place being in the same article — let alone the same sentence! — I’ll start things off with some information might give you a little peace of mind: lower back pain after pregnancy is surprisingly common. In fact, medical research has found that at least 50 percent of women experience some degree of lower back pain at some point during the postpartum period.

No, this insight alone won’t make it any easier to get out of bed tomorrow morning, or make the long, arduous trek from the car to the grocery store (especially with all of those runaway carts!). But as the old saying goes, there’s reassurance in numbers.

However, there’s much more comfort in remedies. To that end, here are five ways that could significantly alleviate — or better still, eliminate — your lower back pain after pregnancy:

1. Get more bed rest.

According to a survey by Owlet Baby Care, only 5 percent of parents with babies six months or younger are getting the recommended 8-hours of sleep per night, and 17 percent of moms report getting a lousy night’s sleep every night of the week — without exception. Among other adverse consequences, lack of fitful sleep can trigger lower back problems that, if left untreated, can become severe and require medical care or even hospitalization down the road.

2. Get proper shoes (and avoid the wrong ones).

Shoes with low heels and strong support are vital — which means high-heels and shoes that lean towards fashion vs. function should be stored away. True, a pair of orthopedic shoes aren’t as glamorous or sexy as a pair of cherry red stilettos. But then again, there’s nothing exciting about lower back pain!

3. Start exercising soon after delivery.

In consultation with your OB/GYN, family doctor or other members of your medical care team, begin exercising soon after delivery to help strengthen back and abdominal muscles. Stretching to regain flexibility is also a must — plus it feels great! Exercising can also help relieve postpartum pelvic floor pain.

4. It’s your minivan moment — or at least, sedan season.

Yes, you love your little 2-door sportscar. But guess what? Hauling a child safety seat in and out of your sweet ride is going to make your lower back pain even worse. I’m sorry to say it, but it’s for your own good: it’s time for a minivan — or if that’s too much of a culture shock from your daily driver, then a nice sporty-ish sedan will be fine. Just make sure it has 4-doors to make the child safety seat ritual a little easier on your aching lower back.

5. Consider a front-pack for carrying your child.

Those moms who you see in malls and elsewhere with a front pack aren’t just trying to boost bonding time — they’re doing their tired, overworked lower back a big favor. Give it a try and feel the difference.

What if the Pain Won’t Go Away — or Gets Worse?

Any of the above should make a significant positive difference. But if you continue to experience lower back pain, or especially if things get worse, then you may need to seek advice from an orthopedic surgeon who has the technology and knowledge to take a deeper look, and alleviate the root cause(s) of your pain and suffering.

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