5 Tips When Planning For A Cruise Vacation

One of the best modern vacation inventions has surely been the cruise—the ultimate solution to navigating your way through multiple holiday destinations. What makes the cruise so great is the sheer size and available activities on today’s ocean liners, which have everything you could ask for, from cinemas, clubs, and spas, to surfing pools, golf ranges, and climbing walls. So if you’re thinking of planning a holiday, here are 5 tips and reasons why you should start looking at cruises.


1. Entertainment for the whole family

Today’s cruises are specifically designed to have fun activities available for all ages, as well as supervision available for youngsters. Whether you’re the type of person who enjoys a concert or a theatre show, or love to be constantly active, there are plenty of fun things for you to do for you on a cruise ship. Daily shows, a running track, multiple pools, teen clubs, libraries, if you can think of it, odds are it’s available for you to enjoy on your cruise.

2. Multiple destinations

Families can have a hard time agreeing on where they want to go on holiday, luckily when it comes to cruising you don’t have to pick a single destination. Be sure to look up the places you will be visiting in advance and organize what type of activities your family would like to do while you’re on shore. Usually, there are historic sites, luxurious holiday villas and hotels, markets, restaurants, cafés, bars, and always wonderful beaches and coastal views.

For example, you can consider Croatia as a popular cruise destination. A Croatian small cruise gives travelers the chance to visit a vast array of ports including Dubrovnik, Split, Hvar, and more. Whether it be islands touring or experiencing Croatian music and culture from the comfort of a small ship, this type of cruise offers something for everyone. From statuesque alpine peaks, turquoise waters on the Adriatic Sea, and sweeping vistas of olive groves in Istria—the Croatian landscape will leave you breathless.

3. Organize your mealtimes in advance

On most cruises there are main dining areas, and then secondary or specialty restaurants, as well as specific hours that each meal is served. If you would like to dine outside the usual times or are planning on heading out for a special meal, it is best to notify the cruise staff and to book in advance.

4. Look for deals in advance

Just like booking most holidays, when you’re planning your cruise your best chances of finding a great deal are by booking in advance. Beware, however, when shopping on some holiday sites as they will at times sneak in a room you’ve not requested to show the better prices. You best bet is to book directly through the cruise line or holiday provider and to do so well in advance.

5. Look for new ships

All modern cruise liners are full of great amenities, but every time a new one is built they are full of even grander luxuries, like full-sized water parks, and massively spacious cabins. These not only provides your family with more things to do but also allows you more space to relax when you don’t want to be out on deck.

There are few holiday options that will give everyone in your family a chance to constantly pick and choose their favorite events and activities, but cruises are sure to keep everyone happy.


  1. Dandi D says

    I don’t think we’ll get to go on vacation any time soon, but these are some great tips to keep in mind!

  2. You know we just booked our first cruise last minute. Can’t wait to see how it goes and love that everything is basically included so we don’t have to stress or worry.

  3. Rosie says

    You really know your stuff. I’m glad to be seeing this, because I’m a newbie and it is overwhelming!

  4. I love a cruise because there’s SO much to do!

  5. Karen Glatt says

    A family cruise sounds like so much fun, and all the fun activities is such a good way to spend a vacation. I would plan it out and look for the best deals!

  6. Anne says

    I’ve always wondered if a cruise would be a good vacation choice for us. Thanks for these tips; you bring up some good points. In particular, your advice on looking for a newer ship is something I probably wouldn’t have thought of.

  7. CR Williams says

    Hi Heather this is a great post. I always wanted to go on a cruise and now I feel prepared.

  8. ellen beck says

    Gosh I have asked my husband to go on a cruise for years. He, being an ex Marine doesnt want to go on another ship (he spent a lot of time on one) but I want to see the cities and beaches. I think it sounds wonderful. Great tips, I hope to one day go.

  9. Dana Rodriguez says

    These are great tips. I would love to go on a cruise! I have a friend that takes one at least once a year and she is always saying how much fun it is!

  10. My advice is once you decide where to go, book your excursions as soon as you can. They can sell out.

  11. These are great tips! We have been on a few cruises and always enjoyed ourselves.

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