5 Tips To Build An Organized Wardrobe For Your Children

Most families spend about 4% of their salary on clothes and the costs depend on the age of the children. Clothing for young kids can be much cheaper than adolescent clothing. It is possible to find the ideal blend between doing laundry and following minimalist organization tips. A lot of parents wonder what clothes their child needs for the year and there is a checklist you can make to ensure that you do not overdo it! Let’s take a look at a few tips to build an organized wardrobe for your children. 

  • Simplify 

The first step is to be mindful when you shop for clothes for kids. It is possible to invest in the right pieces, and save money while reducing clutter. Just go through the closet and drawers and put aside clothes that they have not worn for the past two to three months. You need to create separate piles. One pile has to be for the clothes that you need to save, another one should be for donation and the third one must be the clothes that you can sell. Now divide the remaining clothes into different seasons so you will have a better idea of what you already own.

  • Prepare a checklist 

 Once you have mound down the piles, you need to create a list for all the must-haves. It is recommended to sort the clothes based on the season and for every season, you must have:

  • 5-6 bottoms,  
  • 2-3 sweaters, 
  • 1 jacket, 
  • 7-8 tops, 
  • 1-2 occasion wear,
  • Socks,  
  • 2-3 pairs of shoes, 
  • 2-3 pajamas. 

They can carry over woolens for a few seasons so you do not need to buy new clothes in spring and again in fall. Besides the ones mentioned here, you will need bathing suits, about 10 pairs of underwear, winter hats, a summer hat, and snow boots. Take inventory every season to ensure that you have the correct size of these items. It is tempting to buy maxi dresses or skirts for special days but do not fill the closet with a lot of occasion wear. A few staple maxi dresses will but do, but don’t forget you need daily wear that is comfortable, easy to wash, and cozy.  

  • Choose the right colors

Your child will have a favorite color that they like to wear all the time. You may want to stick to this palette but you must also purchase clothes in different colors that you can pair with their favorite color. Stick to the same color theme so you can have the same colors for laundry. You can mix and match when you have a color palette. Simply add a few neutral shades with the bright shades for a complete wardrobe.  

  • Purchase from different stores

There are hundreds of options to purchase kid’s clothing from. There are kid’s retail stores as well as online stores you can buy from. It is easier to save money when you buy from different stores because you will know what each store has and you will not be tempted to purchase more than you need. It will also give you a chance to make the most of discounts or offers. If you buy high-quality items and designer stuff, you will spend more but will need less. However, it is recommended to buy only one or two pairs of expensive clothing. The rest must be everyday wear that is affordable and low-maintenance.  

  • Stick to the list

After you are well organized and have the necessary items, you need to remain that away. Avoid shopping unless you need something from the checklist. As your child grows, replace the items with the next size. Always keep the seasonal clothes packed in boxes under the bed whenever not in use so you can grab them if there is a change in the weather. Make it a point to donate an item whenever you buy something new. If others like grandparents or uncles and aunts are keen on buying something for the children, give them the list and ask them to stick to it.  

A huge benefit of simplifying and sticking to the list is that it will reduce clutter from your life. Additionally, it will save money and time. Children like to stick to their favorite outfits that are cozy and comfortable so you do not need to fill their closets with stuff they do not need. With fewer clothes and colors that match, making decisions will be easier and you will have to wash less. By decluttering the wardrobe, you can ensure that everything that is in it is put to good use and if it does not fit anymore, you need to donate. By simplifying and making lists, you will be able to save time shopping and it will become less stressful.  

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