5 Tips for Your First Trip with a Baby Onboard

Being new to parenthood can be as stressful as it is exciting. If positive stress ever had time to shine, this would probably be it. You are enjoying the time with your newborn and navigating this period through trial and error. Parenting is one of the most special joys of life. However, for some people, it can be extremely overwhelming. There are hundreds of thousands of parents out there who don’t know how to manage this time and end up losing out on their interests and solely assuming their roles as parents.  


But you don’t really need to put your life on hold to be a good parent to your child. You might need to postpone the skiing trip to Utah, but that doesn’t mean you can’t simply visit one of your favorite places with the baby.  

This article is for all travel lovers who have just had a child. It doesn’t mean you can’t travel to some of the wonderful places around the country. Here is something for all new parents to consider when traveling with a baby onboard. Read on to fully understand how to manage baby travel while touring some of the Great States in the US. 

Keep the travel plans simple 

Let’s get back to planning a trip to Utah. You may want to explore the mountains and engage in winter sports, but would that really be the wisest thing to do with an infant? You will need to tone the adventure aspect of your travel plans down a notch. Perhaps you can see what you want from a distance rather than actively engaging with the topography.
If you are in some of the larger cities like St George or Salt Lake, consider checking out the local malls and restaurants. A St. George mall run might be just the thing for your family if you want to get out but aren’t ready for too much action.  

Moreover, it is considerably easier to manage a baby when you have a bunch of shops nearby. Dealing with a newborn’s demands, accidents, and feeding habits will be harder if you explore the great outdoors as you did when this bundle of joy didn’t make its appearance in your life.  

Always pack more than you think you need 

When traveling, you don’t know when you will be able to get to a departmental store. Assuming that there will be one around the corner may not apply when you are in smaller towns or closer to the great outdoors. If you can’t realistically expect groceries nearby, please pack enough or more in advance.
You should stock diapers, cleaning wipes, formula, baby food at places like Serenity Kids, and other baby products you might need. More is always better, as it decreases the hassle of going out and finding a place. Moreover, in tourist towns, the same products can be considerably more expensive than usual. Therefore, to stay within a working budget, please bring your own supplies rather than running short and having to buy more.  

Moreover, when traveling, you never know where you may need to make an emergency stop or layover. The interim period can be extremely stressful if you don’t have enough baby supplies to see this time through.  

Keep the weather in mind 

We cannot stress the importance of keeping the weather in mind when traveling to places with extreme climates. Not just for the baby, but new mothers are likely to have a hard time handling extreme weather conditions as well. Too much heat or cold can spell disaster for the baby and the mother.
Therefore, for both of their sake, please pack adequate clothes for the trip and don’t be afraid to overpack, as we mentioned earlier. Gone are the times when you could pack a bunch of stuff into a duffle bag and head out. There are many more factors to consider now, and it would be wise to get things sorted before you head out.  

The extreme heat can be extremely bothersome for breastfeeding mothers and interfere with how they store milk (if pumping). Therefore, these are all factors you need to consider before choosing a place to visit.  

Cost factor 

It may not strike you till you return from your trip and discuss the finances. Children are likely to cost you more than you realize. It’s the minor things that catch you off guard. The extra fries when eating (if your baby has started eating solid food), upgrading your partner’s seat for more room, or perhaps asking for an extra small mattress.
They may seem insignificant when you think about them off the top of your head, but they have very real costs that add up to a fair amount.  

Therefore, rather than getting an unwanted surprise when looking at your bank account at the end of your trip, remember =this is a normal part of parenthood. With that said, it would be wise to have an open discussion with your partner regarding costs related to the travel plans.  

Research ahead and find the best doctor nearby 

Babies have various health issues. Traversing these health issues when you are in your own city is one thing. However, traveling adds extra complexity to the mix.
Your child may or may not get sick on this trip; you can’t predict or avoid it. What you can do is find the closest doctor with good reviews. Now with a quick online search, you can find top-rated doctors near you and don’t have to worry about trial and error.  

Finding one nearby entails cutting transport costs and easy access in case there is an emergency. Children can’t convey their emotions very well, so emergencies may occur without warning. A nearby doctor helps you rest assured that medical help isn’t too far away.  


As much as people say life doesn’t change all that much, it does with a baby onboard. It changes a lot but for the better. Moreover, the short nuances that affect your hobbies and lifestyle can be embraced and worked around wherever applicable. As your kids grow up, you can begin doing what you enjoy again and perhaps have them join In with you. It’s just a short time that they will be babies, enjoy this time because they grow up so fast you won’t even know where the time went.  


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