5 Tips for Redesigning Your Bedroom

There are a lot of aspects that make up a bedroom. Do you have carpet or hardwood floors? What are the colors of the wall? What about your furniture? Is your bed in the center of your room or against a wall? The factors to consider continue from there. Designing your perfect bedroom is not an easy process, but if you already have furniture to work with, it’s a little bit more manageable. Rather than going into your bedroom and wanting to redo the entire thing, start slow with one section at a time. Taking on too many tasks when redesigning your room is only going to cause a headache. Having a good plan in place and phasing it out is the way to go.

So, if you’re in the mood to spruce things up, follow these 5 tips for redesigning your bedroom: 

  • Mix Textures and Colors 

Mixing textures and colors is an easy way to give your bedroom a makeover while still keeping a cozy vibe. Get a fuzzy rug and a velvet chair. Mix and match the colors of the blankets and pillows on the bed. This will make your room look more funky and unique, without requiring you to make any big renovations. 

  • Add Patterns 

If you feel like your bedroom is too monochrome and plain, add some patterns to the area for a fun change of pace. Adding patterns can be as simple as getting a chic new rug or blanket. A bold pattern will draw the eye to it, making it the focal point of your room so you can keep the rest of the space relatively simple.  

  • Know When to Save and When to Splurge 

There are certain aspects of a room that can be splurged on, and there are definitely aspects that can be saved on. Mattresses, for example, are always worth the money. You sleep on your mattress every single day, so you want it to be comfortable. The same goes for furniture, as good quality pieces will last a lifetime (or close to it). However, things like artwork, blankets, and pillows are not usually worth spending a ton of money on as your style may change with time. 


  • Add Personal Touches 

Your bedroom is your own space, so you want it to reflect your personal style. Although it might be tempting to recreate a photo of a bedroom you saw on Pinterest down to the last detail, make sure to add some of your own personal touches to your decor. A photo wall collage of friends and family. Memorabilia from your favorite trips. Artwork you created yourself. Personal touches and DIY decor in a bedroom will make your room feel more special and comforting. 

  • Use Accessories 

All you really need to function in a bedroom is a bed, a dresser, and a desk. Once you have that, you can just use accessories to decorate and make the space look cool. Accessories like funky candles, picture frames, stylish storage bins, and wall art will completely transform a boring bedroom into a unique space. Keep the furniture simple and make the rest of the room stand out with distinctive accessories. 

 Redesigning your room is an exhilarating experience. You get the chance to design your space exactly how you want it! But as exciting as the process is, it can also get overwhelming when you realize just how much work designing a bedroom is. That is why it’s important to start small and tackle one task at a time. Designing your ideal room won’t happen overnight, in fact it’s better if it doesn’t. Let the perfect pieces come to you. Everything will fall into place over time.  

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