5 Tips for Preparing Yourself When You Are Expecting

Having a child is a momentous moment for any prospective parent. You’re bound to feel a roller coaster of emotions from anxiety to joy.  

Preparing for the birth of a newborn isn’t an easy task and does require effort. There’s a lot to get done in a short amount of time. 


Here are five tips that can help you prepare yourself when you are expecting a newborn.   

Gather necessary items 

The types of items you’ll need for a baby will vary, but there are some staples every new parent should have.  

You should have a crib, car seat, and stroller ready for your baby. You’ll need baby clothes, food, and plenty of diapers and baby wipes.  

When the child is born, it’s absolutely important to get their birth certificate and social security card. Your baby will need these items often throughout their life and it’s important to get them as soon as you can.  

Develop a plan 

It helps to develop a plan. When you are expecting, you have to decide if you will parent the child or not. This choice can often be difficult for some as parenting is tough. You might feel you’re not financially or mentally ready to be a parent and might consider putting your child for adoption.  That leads to researching pregnant adoption options.

If you do decide to become a parent, you’ll have to figure out how you will manage your pregnancy. At some point you will need to take time off work before and after you’ve had your child. You should let any loved ones know of your decision to have a child and see if they can support you in any way.  

You’ll also want to do your research and learn what needs a baby might have. While there’s no guaranteed way you’ll be ready for every challenge a newborn will bring, you should be aware of certain things like how to properly feed and hold a baby. 

Understand the body changes 

Your body will undergo several different changes with each trimester. Some physical changes include weight gain, an increase in breast size, and an expanding belly. 

Early on in your pregnancy you’re likely to feel fatigued and experience morning sickness. Within the second trimester you might experience leg pain and swelling. By the third trimester, you might experience frequent urination and have difficulty breathing.  

Furthermore, you may experience dental and periodontal issues especially if you’re not getting enough vitamins such as iron, calcium, and vitamins C and D. When that happens, be sure to change your diet and visit a dental expert. Googling a phrase like “dentist near me Tarzana” is one easy way to find one that is easily accessible.

These are a handful of changes your body may undergo and the degree you experience some of them will vary. It’s always best practice to consult with your primary care provider.

Be kind to your body 

Under any normal circumstance, you should treat your body with kindness by limiting things like the amount of junk food you eat and exercising regularly. When you are eating for two, it becomes even more necessary to watch out what you are doing to your body. 

Focus on adopting a healthy diet. Try to include lean meats, lentils, or yogurt into your daily diet. Under no circumstance should you engage in drinking or drug use as that can harm the fetus.  

While you may not be in top physical form, you should incorporate some exercise into your routine. You could consider going for brisk walks or swimming and other water workouts for your daily exercise. 

Accept and manage the stress 

Stress is an inevitable part of line, and having a baby can be quite the stressful experience. There’s so much to do both prior and after your baby’s birth it can be overwhelming.  

Accepting that you will be stressed is half the battle. It helps to learn so good stress management techniques to help.  

Some common tips are to schedule some time to relax. Go for a walk or read a book. You should also aim to average 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night. It helps to recognize the anxious feelings you might be experiencing and be mindful about them. Understanding why you’re stressed and looking at the issue from a different perspective might help you naturally calm down.  

While there are no guarantees everything will work out perfectly, you should focus on the things you can control both within your pregnancy and for what comes after 

Pregnancy can be a challenging, but rewarding time for parents. It can be intimidating, but with the right preparation it doesn’t have to be. 





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