5 Tips For An Easy Spring Cleaning Process

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Spring cleaning is always a big undertaking in our home, but it goes beyond just purging unused items and cleaning baseboards. I love the focus on getting our house sanitary in the process of decluttering. It’s so important when things like spring colds, lingering viruses and even seasonal allergies come around. Having a clean home is important, and our sponsor offers not only great cleaning agents but they have inspired me to share with you my best tips for a healthy Spring cleaning process.

5 Tips For An Easy Spring Cleaning Process

Wear masks when dealing with dust. One of the biggest hazards when spring cleaning comes is when you find yourself on your knees cleaning out underneath cabinets, beds and counters. The dust that comes out can really irritate your nasal passages making you feel sick afterward. Wear simple masks to keep your mouth and nose covered while you clean. This will protect you from the dust, pet hair and any fumes from cleaning products so you’ll feel even better after your house is sparkling clean.


Use a multi-purpose cleaner to cut back on waste and time. Having to tote multiple cleaners around the house can waste a ton of time, and create added expense. Pick a great quality cleaner like Pine-Sol Multi-Purpose Surface Cleaner that will work in your bathrooms, kitchen and throughout your home to sanitize and freshen your home easily.

Wear gloves when cleaning the dirtier locations in your home. Sometimes there are a few rather yucky places you have to clean. Things like toilets, drains in showers and sinks or even moldy places you might find from when something leaked. For safety and cleanliness, pick up a box of cleaning gloves or even latex gloves and wear to keep your hands a bit cleaner and make the process a little easier to handle.


Open windows and let fresh air into your home. If the weather is warm enough in your area when Spring cleaning begins, it’s the perfect time to let some fresh air into your home. After months of stale air circulating through heating systems, a bit of crisp and fresh Spring air coming in through the windows can make your home feel better and help you to be healthier.

Let kids use disinfecting wipes to help clean. Getting kids involved in Spring cleaning safely is easy when you use something like Clorox Citrus Blend Disinfecting Wipes. You aren’t worried about them being exposed to a bunch of chemicals, and they can easily help with wiping down counters, cabinets and surfaces safely.

These tips make it easy to maintain not just a clean home, but a healthy and safe cleaning process. Spring cleaning is a great way to clean out clutter, get rid of dust and get your house fresh and ready for the warmer months that are on their way. Getting the whole family involved in the cleaning process is a great way to teach kids about being safe and sanitary when cleaning, but also to make the chores go a bit faster.

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  1. Sarah L says

    Soon it will be time for open windows and Spring breezes. Good tips. I need to wear the mask.

  2. Sandy Weinstein says

    i hate spring cleaning, i hate cleaning anyway. my dogs bark and try to bite the vac cleaner. i live in the country off a dirt road so as soon as i clean it is dirty again. i have an excuse at the moment, had major surgery. i try to stay with all natural products b/c of my dogs. i cant open the windows b/c i get even more dust.

  3. Stephanie Phelps says

    I love all the tips! I am going to be opening my windows today and doing some of this! I wish the kids were here to help. I would show them this and we would work together!

  4. Elena says

    I do spring cleaning every year

  5. Karen Glatt says

    I always Wear masks when dealing with dust, and wear gloves, especially when dealing with any cleaning products. I do not want it on my hands. Thanks for the tips.

  6. Terri Irvin says

    I actually like to Spring Clean (I know I’m weird) but my home feels so much better when I do it! I use good old white vinegar and baking soda, olive oil, borax and Dr. Bonner’s liquid soap. I also give away a lot of clothes from our closets and the kids. It feels good to do it and let it go.

  7. Sandy Weinstein says

    i hate cleaning so i am not a fan of spring cleaning either. i live in the country, with 3 dogs, so my house get lots of traffic in and out. i also live off a dirt road. i like using all natural products b/c of my dogs. i have lots of windows that go from top to bottom so i have lots of doggy nose paintings, i can clean them and 5 minutes later, they will be dirty again. they love to look outside. i alos have a big, big mirror that covers almost an entire side of my bathroom which is hard to keep clean. i have to get a step ladder to clean the top of it.

  8. Robin Abrams says

    Great tips. I have already started my spring cleaning. So happy to open the windows and airing my house out

  9. Terri S. says

    I need to pick up some masks before I begin my spring cleaning in a few days. The weather has finally changed and I feel the spring cleaning urge. I can finally open my windows to get fresh air throughout my home. Thanks for your tips!

  10. Seyma Shabbir says

    Great tips. The biggest way I handle spring cleaning is sorting out clothes and donating small, gently worn clothes, jackets and shoes. Wipe down walls and doors for dust, etc.

  11. I love all the tips, gonna have to get started on them soon!

  12. Sandy Cain says

    Great tips – I especially like the muti-purpose cleaner tip. No use to have a sink cleaner, a toilet cleaner, a shower chearner, et., et., if just one product can do the job. Giving the kids the disinfecting wipes is another awesome one – no reason why they shouldn’t help out! Going to put this off for another week though, we are expecting snow on Friday!

  13. Sandy Cain says

    I like keeping the windows open, but we can’t. The 8-lane Long Island Expressway is literally RIGHT outside, and the exhaust would chike us to death!

  14. Cynthia C says

    I agree with the gloves. They make cleaning a little less yucky.

  15. Grace Whyte says

    Great reminders. I never thought of the mask idea, and I’m allergic to dust so good idea!

  16. Cindy B says

    Sad to say my house can get so dusty that I need a mask, but it’s an awesome idea!

  17. Laurajj says

    Oh great tips! Hopefully spring will come soon for us….just got another couple inches of snow overnight. 🙂 Although I have to say…I love the snow!

  18. Jenn says

    I’ll be back at spring cleaning in two weeks, after our spring break fun. Thanks for the tips.

  19. marie wolk says

    nuthin better then opening the windows & airing out the home on a nice spring day.

  20. DJ says

    This is very helpful. We are going to be spring cleaning this weekend.

  21. margaret peg m. says

    PineSol has a fresh scent that just makes it ‘feel’ cleaner! Use it all the time.

  22. Jenn says

    “Open windows and let fresh air into your home” is a great tip. It definitely helps me keep moving, and adds a spring feel to my day.

  23. Cynthia R says

    I’ve already washed all sweaters and jackets and put them away, on to dusting and washing curtains, then I’m going to remove clutter and get ready for yard sale.

  24. Jenn says

    Great tips! I started spring cleaning, and since have gotten sidetracked. Hoping to find my motivation again soon.

  25. Sandy Weinstein says

    great tips, but i still hate spring cleaning. with 3 dogs and living in the country off a dirt road. it is hard to keep my house clean. i have windows everywhere that go from top to bottom as well and the dogs leave there nose prints. as soon as i clean they are back again.

  26. Sandy Weinstein says

    great tips, but i still hate spring cleaning. i dont like to clean anyway. i used to be a clean freak. my house was spotless. now that i am older, and it is just me and my 3 4 legged girls, i am not really into cleaning. i have a big big yard to mow now which takes abt 6-8 hrs.

  27. Sue E says

    I wear gloves, but I don’t clean my house like I used to – the grandkids & hubby help because of my disabilities. I do like opening the windows though to let some fresh air in!

  28. Jenn says

    “Wear gloves when cleaning the dirtier locations in your home” is a great tip. My hand are always in such bad shape after cleaning. I really need to buy some gloves.

  29. Melissa Teears says

    Thank you for the tips. I always dread spring cleaning

  30. Jenn says

    Thank you for the tips. These are very good advice.

  31. Sue E says

    Good tips! Dust is a not stop enemy in my house!! I don’t care how many times we vacuum and dust, it looks like we never did!

  32. June S. says

    (5 Tips For An Easy Spring Cleaning Process) I will be starting my spring cleaning very soon. I am starting in the kitchen first because it seems to be the more messiest room right now.

  33. Jenn says

    These are great tips. “Use a multi-purpose cleaner to cut back on waste and time.” is good one. I try to do this, it just makes a lot of sense for so many reasons.

  34. Cynthia R says

    I love spring time and being able to open the windows to the scent and cool breeze.

  35. Jenn says

    These are such good tips. I actually really enjoy spring cleaning. I love trying new things.

  36. Betty B. says

    Great tips! I love opening up the windows when spring comes along. Breathing in the dry heat air all winter gets us all stuffed up.

  37. Sue E says

    I love spring especially after a nasty winter. Cleaning after winter makes everything “fresh” again!

  38. Jenn says

    Great tips. I have never thought to wear a mask, but I will now.

  39. Jenn says

    I actually don’t mind spring cleaning. It’s something i look forward to every year. The house feels so nice when it’s finished.

  40. Barbara says

    Great tips! I use Clorox wipes for just about everything. 🙂

  41. Sue E says

    The only bummer after spring or any other good cleaning, is it does not stay clean for long!! I feel like taking pics every time it is clean, so I can remember what a clean house looks like before the family comes over to “visit!”
    It is a never ending battle!!

  42. Jenn says

    “Let kids use disinfecting wipes to help clean”, yes, a thousand times yes. The more fun they have, the more they will continue to help.

  43. Sue E says

    I believe kids having chores or helping out around the house is a training exercise for when they are on their own.
    They learn to be responsible and to keep their homes clean. We make a game out of seeing who can dust/clean their room the best. They all want to win.

  44. Jenn says

    I love spring cleaning, these are great tips. I just need to get my family more involved in the process.

  45. Jenn says

    Turning on music also helps with spring cleaning. Helps with the motivation.

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