5 Things to Prep Before Bringing Baby Home 

 Already thinking about what comes the day after you arrive home with your baby cradled in your arms? Congrats! Thinking ahead is a vital skill for parents and one that you’ve displayed by imagining what comes around the corner. 

Nightmare stories from other parents about sleepless nights and chaotic days have you worried? Don’t worry too much. Those horror stories need not apply to you. At least not to the same degree! With some preparation under your belt, you are going to be just fine! 

Here are 5 tasks to complete that will help you weather that first week like a pro!  

  1. Do a final check of the nursery

Do a final sweep of the nursery, mainly to put your mind and heart at peace that yes, all is as it should be. But if you’ve left things to the last minute, take a moment now to double check safety concerns.  

According to The Barnes Firm, a defective product attorney in San Diego, “Sleep-related infant death is the most common cause of newborn deaths… Many of the baby products that are marketed as ‘safe’ items for your child can actually be very dangerous and they have, in the past, contributed to several cases of suffocation.” 

Infant safety experts recommend keeping bedding, blankets, and stuffies to a minimum. Your baby will sleep fine without Peter Rabbit sharing a crib with her or him.

  1. Stock up on postrecovery snacks.  

You and your partner will both have your hands full of baby and baby-related tasks. You can cut back on those midnight supermarket runs by stockpiling ahead of time. Post-delivery nutrition includes iron-rich foods, vitamin C, dark leafy greens, protein, and dairy.  

Your choices need to be easy to eat because no new parent has time for gourmet cooking when a baby is in the house. For easy-to-make snacks that provide clean energy, stock up on nuts, whole grain cereals, and eggs. Also, whole grain crackers, peanut butter, plain Greek yogurt, low fat cheese, and fruits and veg. And if there’s a health bar you love, buy those in bulk!

  1. Cash in all your favors.  

That first night in the hospital after the baby is born will feel downright luxurious. But you won’t know why until you’re at home with no nurses to take your precious bundle of joy while you catch up on your Zzzzs.  

Sleep deprivation during the first couple of weeks is a real thing. But there are ways to cope that can help to minimize it. Call in family favors. Have a close friend or a family member stay with you after the delivery to take shifts during the night so that you can get some uninterrupted sleep. 

And when your friends call to congratulate you and ask you if there’s any help you need, have a list of simple tasks ready. No, not a mental list. You want to write this stuff down because your memory will not be at its most reliable the day after you’ve given birth.  

  1. Get your first week survival kit ready.

Your breasts are going to be sore, and you are going to have to deal. What’s your plan?  

Nipple cream that helps to soothe sore or cracked nipples is a must-have essential on your nightstand. Also, a little bit of witch hazel comes in handy to help decrease pain and swelling in your perineum. Just add a couple of drops to your bath or put it on your sanitary pads.

Finding a comfortable way to sit and nurse or sit and hold baby will be easier with the help of appropriate pillows. Gather up all the pillows throughout your house and put them in the nursery, so that you can figure out which works best.  

You are going to be spending many hours in that nursing chair. So place a bedside stand or side table next to your nursing station. This will allow you to have your snacks, books, water, remote control, etc., close at hand. 

  1. Have a list of numbers and call them. 

The first week home is going to be a new experience for you. You can make it easier on yourself by having a list of numbers at the ready to answer your questions and concerns. Specifically, know the number of a lactation expert. Many new mothers have difficulty with their baby not latching. This is not worth struggling over on your own. Get help immediately and lower your stress levels.  

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