5 Things To Do Before Your Moving Company Arrives

5 Things To Do Before Your Moving Company Arrives

Moving can be fun- especially if you’ve hired a reliable company. Finding a company is easy- just look up a company near you by typing “movers near me” or a company in your new area by adding a location near to the query. Once you have found a company, you’ll need to do a bit more before the movers arrive moving day.

1. Finish Last Minute Packing: Certain small things like laptops, bathroom and kitchen supplies, and medications cannot be packed until the day of the move. Set aside a small duffle bag for your last minute packing needs, and make sure that your car has the space to accommodate the extra bag.

2. Pack Your Small Valuables: Small valuables such as tablets, cell phones and everything else that goes into your everyday purse, should also be put away before movers arrive. Find a secure place in your car where your valuables are easily accessible. If you are carrying a purse, you should make sure that everything fits and that your purse is not overstuffed as this will make things harder during the move.

3. Eat Breakfast: Make sure that you get plenty of food and water before the movers arrive. If you have family or pets, make sure they are fed as well. Moving can take longer then you anticipate and you and your family do not want to be hungry and miserable. If you drink coffee throughout your day, make sure to stash a coffee mug in your car in case of emergency.

4. Secure Children and Pets: Moving can be really exciting for children and animals- but it can also be dangerous. Before the movers arrive, make sure your kids and pets will not be getting in the way. Ideally, you should find someone who is willing to babysit for the day so that you can focus on the moving process.

5. Let People Know: Let your boss, family and friends know about moving day. That way you will not be bothered with phone calls and texts.

Moving can be fun with the right attitude and reliable help.

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