5 Reasons Why You Should Participate in Regular Blood Donation Drive 



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There are many blood donation camps and centers in every city to donate. Still, it doesn’t cross our mind to donate blood frequently. Even if it does, the very thought of blood loss leading to weakness holds us back. The result; we stay back without giving it a serious thought of the benefit for our sustainable health. Yes, you may be surprised to know the several health advantages of blood donation.

The biggest reason I’ve heard is feeling dizzy or weak after blood donation. Any professional institute involved in blood donation will first check your hemoglobin levels. Just so you know, the normal levels are 12.5 g/dl in women and 13.5 g/dl in men. You can then proceed in comfort and with confidence.  

There are many health reasons for you to participate in the medical practice of blood donation.  

  1. Regulates Iron Levels in The Body 

Iron is stored in our red blood cells. Therefore, blood donation regulates the level of iron in the body naturally. Many of us may fear iron-deficiency since we lose about one-quarter gram of iron for each unit of blood. We may even link iron loss to fatigue or decreased immunity. However, iron deficiency anaemia or fatigue occurs only if we don’t replenish iron in the body. A rich-iron diet makes up the amount of loss in blood donation, in about a week’s time.  

Moreover, many of us don’t realize the importance of iron-balancing or reducing the excess iron in our body. Lower iron levels have many benefits including:  

  • Reduces health problems like liver ailments, diabetes, osteoarthritis, and cancer which are caused due to the production of free radical as a result of excessive iron levels in the body  
  • Reduces risk of heart disease 


  1. Ensures Less Risk of Heart Attack and Liver Ailment 

Donating blood regularly reduces the risk of heart attacks and liver ailment. Since it reduces the level of iron in the body and helps in maintaining optimum iron levels, it contributes to your circulatory system. Iron overload in the body may occur due to an iron-rich diet. However, your body only absorbs or utilizes limited proportions of iron. The excess gets stored in your heart, liver and pancreas. It can thus increase the risk of cirrhosis, liver damage, stress on pancreas and irregular heart rhythms. Frequent blood donation ensures healthy iron metabolism 

  1. Anti-Cancer Benefits 

Another major benefit of reducing iron overload in the body through blood donation is reduction in the risk of cancer. Cancer is the most dreaded lifestyle disease today, and it can occur as a result of high iron deposits in the cells and tissues of the human body. High iron levels increase the risk of colon cancer.  

  1. Formation of New Blood Cells 

Once you donate blood, your blood cell count decreases. Thus, your body tries to replenish the blood loss by stimulating the bone marrow to produce new red blood cells. Overall, it refreshes the system and helps maintain good health as the new red blood cells produced carry fresh oxygen throughout the body and remove carbon dioxide.  

  1. Weight Loss 

Regular blood donation can burn fat up to 650 calories and thus assist in weight loss. It is particularly helpful for people who are obese or at high risk of cardiovascular diseases. While weight-loss may act as a motivator to donate blood, a medical practitioner should be consulted first to avoid any serious health issues later. It is definitely recommended for people who are overweight.  

The Need to Purchase Cancer Insurance Policy: 

You may adopt a healthy lifestyle or donate blood regularly, but these acts cannot guarantee immunity from critical illnesses. Hence, when the incidences of critical illnesses are rising at an alarming rate, it is vital to have a financial backup like heart and cancer insurance policy in place. Any good heart and cancer insurance policy offers you a lump sum payout on the diagnosis of the critical illness and secures you financially during the medical emergency. Moreover, the lump sum received can also be used for your household expenses or to pay off any outstanding debt. 

Once you imbibe the principle of good health and take the necessary steps towards it, you will realize the benefits of participating in blood donation. Only a healthy body and mind can contribute to the well-being of others in the society. It is the ‘me-first’ attitude which will help you achieve more and add value to human life as a result.  

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