5 Reasons to Start Pilates Today

Looking to mix up your workout? If you haven’t already become a convert, Pilates is an effective workout for all – from athletes to those recovering from an injury. Read below to discover what Pilates can deliver you and your body and why you should try a class (or 10).

All-round fitness

One of the most impressive aspects of Pilates is its versatility as a work-out. Strength and endurance is delivered through load bearing exercises and prolonged reps. Your mobility will be increased through various exercises incorporating extensions and rotation in the three planes of human movement – the sagittal, frontal and transverse. Wanting more cardio? Perhaps try a dynamic reformer class using jump boards and swift transitions to challenge your cardiovascular system.

The cherry on the cake is the proprioception benefits that Pilates will provide. Simply put, as Pilates exercises progress and you learn different combinations, your mind/body connection becomes stronger, making you more coordinated.

I’m broken!

There is a reason why private health insurance provides rebates on clinical Pilates. This is because it is a medically proven method of rehabilitation for many musculoskeletal injuries and assists in the treatment of many medical issues. Mothers will turn to Pilates to help rebuild their core and pelvic floor as a result of giving birth. Amateur and professional athletes alike use Pilates programs to improve their recovery from injuries like ACL tears, knee reconstructions, plantar fasciitis or neck and shoulder issues. Those of us stuck at desks all day will also find much pain relief from the postural training and endurance that Pilates provides.

Even minor niggles and stiffness in the body can be improved through a regular Pilates practice. This is because classes focus on mobility and stability throughout the body – strengthening your weak bits and helping you move your stiff joints and muscles. An instructor in a one-on-one Pilates class will design you an individual program that suits your bodies’ needs, whether you’re a ‘stiffy’ or a ‘floppy’!

Body Sculpting

Let’s face it, many of us value fitness due to the external changes it has upon how we look. Pilates is an ideal balance of strengthening and lengthening exercises that help you walker taller and build muscles. That dancer’s body you envy? It is almost certain that Pilates is a part of a professional dancer’s training regime. The original founder, Joseph Pilates, proclaims that ‘In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you’ll see the difference, and in 30 sessions you’ll have a whole new body.’ Why? Because Pilates’ comprehensive focus on optimal biomechanics teaches you how to properly engage and train your muscles. This is also why technique in Pilates is fundamental so whether your Pilates class is in St Kilda or Subiaco, seek out an experienced and properly qualified instructor to help deliver you the best results.

So whether you’re thinking of getting in shape for summer, recovering from injury or looking to boost your cross training workout, make Pilates the next class you try.

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