5 Reasons Solar Watches are the Perfect Watches for Kids

Do you remember the first watch you ever owned? It’s a safe bet that you do! 

When you get your first wristwatch as a child, it can make a huge impression. Watches are the type of gift that creates an emotional attachment much different from most other gifts. It’s common for a person who received a gift watch as a child to forever remember it. 

If you’re looking to gift a watch to one of your children, or someone else’s, solar watches are worth considering. Here are 5 reasons light-powered watches make the perfect gift for kids and a Nixon solar watch to consider. 

5 Reasons to Gift a Solar Watch to Kids 

  1. Less battery changes. One of the best features of solar watches is that they reduce battery waste. And while being eco-friendly is something younger generations fully believe in, it also just makes for less maintenance. Compared to normal battery-powered quartz watches, the batteries in solar watches can last for many, many years. This is because solar watches only use batteries to store energy collected from light, compared to other batteries that rely on the energy already present to power the watch mechanism.
  2. They charge in any light. You don’t need direct sunlight to charge a solar watch. You can charge a good solar watch in artificial light, including overhead lights at school! However, keep in mind that no light can beat the power of the sun. A few minutes in direct sunlight is enough to provide 24 hours of power on some solar watches. 
  3. Solar watches inspire curiosity. A fun thing to think about is “how do solar watches actually work?”. For kids who wonder about how things work, a solar watch can be a gateway to a whole new way of seeing the world. Learning about how the sun can power a watch is a great way to help a child appreciate the wonder of the world around them.
  4. They look awesome. Solar watches can look quite unique. Take the Nixon Light-Wave solar watch as an example. This watch is understated with minimal bells and whistles, but it comes in such a wide variety of colors and styles that kids will absolutely love them.
  5. They’re actually super affordable. You don’t need to break the bank to purchase a solar watch as a gift. The Nixon Light-Wave mentioned in the previous point only costs $150. As far as affordable gifts for children that will last a long time go, that’s an absolute steal.

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