5 Potential Problems With AC Units That Keep Turning Off

When the sweat is dripping from your body and the summer heat feels suffocating, you depend on your air conditioning unit to make life bearable. Any inconsistencies in how it cools are noticeable, and you grow more miserable by the minute. Making in the call to a technician servicing air conditioning in Provo is one way to get some relief, but you can also look into these reasons for why your unit might keep shutting off.

You Have a Thermostat Issue

Your unit may be short cycling because of a faulty thermostat. If the temperature isn’t sensed accurately, the thermostat will send misinformation to the controls of your AC system. This could result in signals that cause it to start and stop frequently. Signs of a low battery on your thermostat could include a blinking, blank, or fading reading screen. Replacing the batteries is the place to start.

You Have a Dirty Air Filter

Your AC unit needs a strong supply of air to function properly. Air filters that aren’t changed often can get clogged with dust and debris, restricting the flow of air to the unit. Inadequate air supply could cause the unit to turn on but then shut off a few moments later as a protective default. Check your air filters for buildup.

You Have Poor Thermostat Placement

If your thermostat is located near a window that receives direct sunlight, beneath supply air vents or near a portion of the house that stays hotter than the rest of the house, you can get inaccurate temperature readings. This could make the thermostat sense temperatures that are colder or hotter than the true average temperature within the house, You will need the help of a repairman specializing in air conditioner in Provo services to help you relocate the thermostat.

You Have the Wrong Size Unit

Units that are too large don’t have appropriate refrigerant cycles and face problems of cooling the home too quickly. This will cause it to turn off just after it turns on, then turn on again sooner than it needs to.

You Have Dirty Condenser Coils

It is important to have yearly maintenance done on the unit, especially right before anticipated heavy use (such in the summer). When the condenser coils get caked with debris and dirt, they are unable to release the heat that is being pulled out of the home. This causes the system to get overheated and turn off.

Air condition in Provo during the summer is a comfort measure. Have your AC system serviced each year to avoid intermittent cooling and costly repairs.

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