5 of the Most Fun Family Activities in the Kansas City Area

If you’re a mom living in the Kansas City area, you’ll probably find that it’s an excellent place to raise a family. Some individuals have referred to this part of the country as America’s heartland, and rightly so. There are definitely tons of things you can do with your kids that can help you grow closer together. 

We’ll talk about a few of them right now. There is no reason your kids should ever feel bored if you live in this thriving, marvelous city. 

You Can Go for Bike Rides Around Your Neighborhood 

If you look at  car accident statistics in Kansas City, MO, you might find some of them to be higher than what you would like to see. That is particularly true if you have young children since you don’t ever want to cause a car accident if you have little ones in the vehicle. 

You can always ride bikes around your neighborhood for fun, though, as long as you make sure to stay away from heavy traffic. You can wear helmets when you go out for family bike rides, and you can stick to streets where there is not very much vehicle activity. 

By staying away from busy thoroughfares, you will make a serious car wreck a lot less likely. You can also ensure both you and your kids get some exercise this way. 

Childhood obesity continues to be a serious problem, and riding bikes is a way to combat that. This is how you can be sure your kids are burning some calories, and they’re not parked in front of the TV or using their smartphones all day. 

 You Can Hunt for Some of the City’s Best BBQ Restaurants 

Nothing says Kansas City like barbecue. There are some phenomenal restaurants in the area, and it’s great fun to take the whole family out looking for the best one. 

 Since BBQ is not the healthiest food, you might go to one of these restaurants no more than once or twice per month. When you do, you can all get your favorite foods and compare them to other places you’ve tried already. You should be able to find some spots this way that you feel are the best around. 

 Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que has to be one of the top contenders, as it regularly wins awards and ends up on the city’s “best of” lists. You might also check out Arthur Bryan’s Barbecue. They have arguably the best burnt ends in the world. 

You Can Have Family Game Night 

Many Kansas City moms enjoy the oldest and most time-tested activities for their young children. For instance, you might engage in a little family game night featuring some of the board games you loved when you were young. 

Battleship is always a classic, or you might go for Monopoly. If you’re feeling nimble, you can try Twister, or you can do something like Connect Four or Jenga. 

Clue is a fun game if your kids are a little bit older, or you might go for a family pleaser like Hungry, Hungry Hippos. Which games you pick will depend somewhat on how old your kids are and what kind of attention span they have. 

You Can Visit Some Art Museums 

Maybe you feel like you want your kids to experience some culture. Kansas City definitely has you covered in that department. 

You can take the young ones to The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, or the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art is another popular favorite that always draws a crowd. The famous National World War I Museum and Memorial is a great one, or you can take the family to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum if you have some young sports stars on your hands. 

You Can Go for a Nature Walk 

Kansas City also features some very nice parks, and they’re spectacular to visit during the fall when the leaves are changing colors. If you go for a nature walk, you’re getting some exercise, and you might also encounter some animals the kids will like.  

You might spot some different bird species, deer, chipmunks, and squirrels. If you walk down by a creek or pond, you can have a good time trying to catch frogs or salamanders. 

Combining outdoor and indoor activities is something your kids should enjoy. If you establish both indoor and outdoor routines, there is really no reason why your young ones should ever feel unfulfilled. 

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