5 Inspiring Bedroom Makeover Ideas for 2020 

You want your bedroom to be beautiful, tranquil, and welcoming. How can you make the most inspiring and cozy bedroom you have ever dreamed of? Sure, you might need to replace your tired old bed frame, find the best mattresses offer in Australia, update your bedroom blinds and curtains to improve your light control, and maybe repaint your room – but how can you truly make a room that brings you joy?  

Try out these incredibly inspiring bedrooms recommended from our professional decorators.  


Clutter can bring stress into your life. Instead of clutter, clean out your life. Less clutter means less bedroom maintenance. Take each pieces of clothing, each book, each knickknack, and ask yourself if you truly love the item? If so, then find a special place to keep it. If not, then donate it or toss it. We all have a dresser full of jewelry and clothing that we never wear. Or maybe you have a stack of unread books and unopened letters piling onto the floor? Whatever your mess, clean it up and only keep in your bedroom those things that bring happiness and relaxation to your home.  


While a streamlined aesthetic brings calm, don’t forget to bring your own particular tastes into the space. You can do this with unique wall art, unique decorations that remind you of happy times, or a unique furniture piece. Combine these items with a more tranquil color palette and basic furniture. Avoid overwhelming your room with clutter. Instead choose a few key pieces and store or donate the rest. Shop at the best furniture stores to find those key items that share your personal aesthetic.  


You want your bedroom to have ample natural light. If you have a darker room, consider adding customized lighting or a mirror. Strategically place the lighting where it truly shines. Opt for sheer curtains or incorporate white or cream into the décor. Avoid darker colors and dark curtains if you want to truly brighten up the space. If you want to keep the room cozy, you might want to invest in light-blocking curtains. Close these when you want more intimacy in the room.  


Don’t forget the power of beautiful color. Whether you choose to offset neutral tones with a brilliant green or a lively red, add a touch of color to your room. Greens bring life to a space while lavender and lighter blues bring feelings of calm. You can opt for a more monochromatic palette of blues, with touches of dark accents. Avoid clashing colors and patterns. While maximalist style has found its place in 21st century décor, it brings a sense of cluttered garishness unwelcome in the bedroom.  


Whether you have a spacious home in the country or a cozy urban dwelling, don’t forget the importance of functionality. Do you need to dedicate a corner to office space? Are you lacking a closet or need to use your bed as a couch for company? If you have a multi-purpose bedroom, be sure that you prioritize sleeping and relaxation. You want your bedroom to be your haven, not your cluttered office or video game room. Find furniture that makes the most of each inch of space.  

Follow these professional décor tips to truly create the bedroom of your dreams. Wake up each morning motivated and inspired! 

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