5 Essentials for Your New Home or Apartment 

Moving into a new home or apartment can be exciting, but the process itself is often stressful. That’s why planning ahead and putting the necessary resources together can reduce the stress associated with moving.  

One of the most important aspects of settling into a new home is having comfortable and fashionable new furniture to make the place feel like home. And while assembling the various elements needed for moving into a new place can seem daunting, the good news is that many items can be obtained inexpensively. 

Here are five essential items for your new home or apartment that you can find on the cheap. 

1. A Moving Day Plan 

Nothing is better than relaxing after a strenuous move with a favorite movie or posting triumphant post-move photos to social media. Prior to the move, ensure your utilities — heat, water, gas, Internet, cable and electricity — are installed and running on move-in day. Another smart pre-move strategy is to assemble a set of essentials, including batteries, toilet paper, light bulbs and a first-aid kit.  

2. A Cleaning Kit 

In a best-case scenario, a home or apartment has been professionally cleaned before new residents or tenants move in. However, that is not always the case. Assembling a cleaning kit can help establish the sense of moving into a new home. Basic elements of a cleaning kit include a cleaning caddy, window cleaner, paper towels, all-purpose cleaner for hard surfaces, broom, dustpan and toilet brush. A carpet sweeper can freshen up carpets or area rugs. 

3. Replacement Locks 

Even if a home is a new build, re-keying the doors or buying new locks is a must. Former residents or tenants often keep their keys, and contractors also often have locks to new construction. It’s easier and less expensive to remove existing locks from doors and take them to a locksmith for re-keying.  

If that’s not practical, calling a locksmith to re-key locks on-site is a wise investment. Obtaining new locks is expensive and usually unnecessary. Tenants should request property owners to take care of rekeying or replacing locks before moving in. Whether the locks are re-keyed or replaced altogether, having a second set of keys to leave with a neighbor or friend can guard against being locked out if yours are lost or stolen.  

4. New Furniture 

If possible, purchasing new furniture before moving into a home or apartment enhances the sense of making a fresh start.  If replacing all the furniture isn’t in the budget, choose a few signature pieces, such as a sofa or dining room set. At the very least, replace the mattress and box spring to ensure a good night’s sleep on the first night in your new place. 

5. Finishing Touches 

Even with all the basics in place, a new house or apartment won’t quite feel like home without those finishing touches that are so easy to overlook. Accessories will help give your new place a lived-in look and can transform a house or apartment from a place to stay to a home where people are living.  

Happy New Home! 

The move to a new home can be both exciting and stressful. But putting a plan of action together and assembling the necessities for a new place can ensure the process goes smoothly. And once the move is complete, then it’s time to relax and begin to enjoy the new digs. 

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