5 Effective Strategies to Save Money on Medications

While some health conditions can be treated naturally by employing good eating habits, exercising regularly and practicing basic self-care, there are diseases, illnesses and medical disorders which can only be managed with prescribed medication.

Unfortunately, prescriptions can be quite expensive and take a big chunk out of a family’s monthly budget. Whether it is a supplemental drug for maintaining overall health or a life-saving medication to manage symptoms of a disease or an illness, people spend a lot of money on prescription drugs both with insurance and when they are paying out of pocket.

However, the good news is there are a few effective strategies you can try out to save more money on your medications. From making use of discount coupons to ordering bigger supplies, here are five options you can choose from to avoid breaking your wallet when buying prescription drugs.

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Shop around

Shopping around is one of the most effective strategies to help you save money on medications. You do this by comparing prices at different pharmacies, either nearby your house or online, to see which one offers the lowest price on a particular prescription.

If you choose to shop online, you could rely on various search engines to find the best discounted prices for your medications. Some of these search engines even offer savings coupons in the form of discount RX cards which you can use to buy prescription drugs with the lowest price at your favorite or a competing pharmacy.

Opt for a 90-day supply

Another effective strategy which will help you save money on medications is to opt for a 90-day supply. This is especially useful if you are suffering from a chronic condition and need to take prescribed drugs for a longer period of time to alleviate and manage the symptoms.

Not only will this reduce the price of your meds, but it is also much more convenient as you will be covered for the next three months. If you choose this method, be sure to tell your doctor in advance so they can write your prescription for a 90-day supply.  

Use generic drugs

Using generic drugs can also help you save money on medicine. These drugs have typically the same active ingredients as brand-name medications, but they sell at a much lower cost. They are also approved as safe and effective by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), so you don’t have to worry about their efficiency.

Therefore, it is a good idea to regularly review your prescriptions with your doctor or pharmacists to see whether your medication is available in generic form.

Don’t forget to read the label on generic drugs to check for any additional active ingredients or potential allergens.

Apply for prescription assistance

Depending on your income and health needs, you may be eligible for a drug assistance program. The main purpose of these programs is to provide free or lower-cost medications to people who cannot afford to buy their medicine. In fact, there are many pharmaceutical companies which offer discount cards you can use to purchase your prescription drugs at a lower cost directly from them.

If you apply for the patient assistance program, remember that you will need to provide proof that you cannot afford the drug or have been denied insurance coverage.

Be honest with your doctor about the cost

When doctors prescribe a medication, they may choose from several options. However, the problem with this is that they may not know which drug is covered in your plan or how much it will cost.

Therefore, it is advised that you speak frankly with your doctor about the cost of medications and ask them to give you an alternative drug if there is one available that falls within your budget.

However, keep in mind that maybe only one drug is the best option for your condition which unfortunately may happen to be the expensive one.

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Final thoughts

Whether you are suffering from a chronic disease, an illness or another medical disorder, sometimes the best way to manage the symptoms is to take medications. Unfortunately, medicine can be quite expensive, making you unable to afford to buy the necessary prescription drugs for your condition.

However, there are several effective strategies you can rely on to save money on your meds and stay on top of your health. From making use of discount coupons to getting a larger supply, choose the method that best suits your needs and save on your prescriptions. 


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