5 Apps for the Holidays

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This year you can download one or all of these 5 Apps For The Holidays to help with everything from getting great deals to just having a bit more holiday cheer in your life. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa doesn’t matter. These apps work great for all kinds of celebrations, and add a little holiday cheer to your busy life during this season each year.

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5 Apps For The Holidays

Snoopy’s Town Tale: If you are looking for a great fun app for the holidays, this one is the one to download. A simple game app that is holiday themed brings you fun and is a great choice to occupy the kids while you are in line at the grocery store fighting the holiday crowds. Everyone loves Snoopy and the rest of the Peanuts gang, and this is a great choice for holiday themed entertainment.
JustWink Greeting Cards (Android or iOS): If you like sending cards to people, this is a great choice. JustWink gives you the ability to send a holiday greeting card that is totally personalized right from your phone. You can send via email, text message, Twitter, Facebook or even mailed via traditional mail to their home. The app is free, but if you choose to mail to their home you will be charged a small fee. Digital cards are free to send.
123 Hanukkah Coloring Book: Whether your family celebrates Hanukkah or not, this is a fun and easy to use app for kids to learn a bit more about the Jewish celebration. They can create beautiful pictures while learning all the best and most fun traditions of Hanukkah.
Santa Clause Tracker (Android or iOS): Every kid wants to know if Santa is going to be at their house. This fun app is a great way to occupy kids on Christmas Eve as they hope and wait for Santa to arrive with their presents!
Kwanzaa Kinara: This app is a great way to learn about the days of Kwanzaa and what each candle represents. There is a countdown tracker, then a new candle each day during Kwanzaa. A fun educational tool for a family not very familiar with Kwanzaa and the celebrations associated with it.

These apps for the holidays are fun, convenient and inexpensive choices to enhance your holiday experience. Add these to your phones or tablets and have fun learning something new, playing a fun game or creating amazing cards to send to your friends and family.


  1. Cami v says

    My son would love the snoopy app 🙂

  2. Sarah L says

    I’d like the 123 Hanukkah Coloring Book. Fun way to educate kids about other traditions.

  3. G K says

    These look like fun! I’ll have to show my little cousins.

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