Nabi Big Tab HD 24″ Tablet

Sample received. All opinions are my own.

In the box
Holiday season is hereand it’s all about getting together with the family having fun and making memories. Nabi Big Tab HD has a massive 24″ tablet, the worlds biggest tablet that is made for sharing.

Out of the box
Nabi Big Tab HD is huge! Taking it out of the box I was just in awe at the size of it. You can see a comparison to another tablet that we have.

Lifting it up there is some weight to it, I know it wont be something that my kids will be allowed to pack around.

The apps on the Nabi are just like any other apps that you can download from a the play store but there are extra apps that are multi player games… games that are to be played together with others.

Watching movies
The Nabi Big Tab HD is a touchscreen tablet that has fast response to the touch. Watching movies on this tablet is like none other. Having a sleepover in a fort in the play room has just gotten better, it’s like bringing the movie theater to your own indoor fort.

Reading and Coloring
Video Skyping with the grand kids is amazing. You can see everyone so clear and feel so close. Playing games where all hands can play without fighting is a mother’s dream… reading books makes you feel like your a character living right in the story. Drawing and coloring on the biggest touch screen canvas makes you feel like an artist. When you’re finished why not make some videos and edit your very own?

Kick Stand
There is a built in kick stand that you can pull out at any time and have your tablet stand up vertically, or lay it on a table so all can reach and play.

Carrying Handle
On the top of the tablet there is a built in carrying handle to move it from room to room. The outer metal frame is also removable if you would like to remove it at any time.

Web browser
The Nabi OS 3.0 has parent approved features that allows parents to not worry about what our kids are playing or what they might get into. When in Nabi mode it’s kid-safe, giving your kids the freedom to feel like they are able to do just like mom and dad do… just in a kid safe way. Kids can enter into kid-safe websites, videos and music.

Parent Mode
Everything that is in your kid-safe Nabi mode is controlled by mom or dad. Using a password you can enter into parent mode where you have full access to the internet with wifi connection. Also that’s where you can access the play store to download new apps… no surprise downloads from the kids!  From there you can add and remove apps from the kid-safe Nabi mode.

Multy player games
Fuhu is going big at retail, teaming with Toys “R” Us and Best Buy Stores. There you will find special stations where you can have a personal hands on experience with the Nabi Big Tab HD 20″ and 24″. You will get to experience the 5 key experiences that are exclusive to the Big Tab HD line including:
1- Two Play (classic two player games)
2- Game Room (multi-player games made for family to play together)
3- Story Time (Interactive e-books)
4- Show Time (kid-safe apps and videos)
5- Big Canvas (DreamPro Studio, drawing, animation and video editing apps)

“The in-store experience will also be supported by other retailer marketing such as retail ads, circulars and Demo Days, which utilize Fuhu’s nation-wide merchandise team and incorporates in-person product demonstrations to educate consumers on the Big Tab HD experience, features and benefits.”

Play with friends
This holiday season bring game night back to the family. Your kids will be asking to play together as a family. Greatest news from Nabi just in time for the holiday season was a big price drop making it more affordable, head over to and bring the family together this season with laughter, spending quality time together, and making memories.


  1. Cami v says

    Love this.. I may have to get for my son. He loves my big tablet

  2. Eileen Richter says

    I was actually thinking this might be something great for an older person. To watch movies from a nightstand. To have a bit larger screen. but how versatile! Also looks like something I would like and to have one for each family with little ones. Three of my kids have several kids that would all love this. And the ones that come here might not be so apt to run off with my husband’s ipad mini.

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