4 Ways to Stay Fit as a Busy Stay-at-Home Mom

Being a mom is a full-time job, and if you are busy managing a house and taking care of kids, it can be hard to stick to a regular workout routine. But you’re in luck. Although it’s not always feasible to make it to the gym, there are plenty of ways you can work fitness into your daily life. You’ll not only look great, but you’ll find that regular exercise also helps boost your mood, increase your energy, and keep you feeling better throughout the day. If you’ve been meaning to get fit as a mom but can’t seem to find the time between chores and parenting, these suggestions are perfect for you. 

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Exercise While You Cook and Clean 

Do lunges across the kitchen to get seasonings from the pantry. Work some deep stretches in as you fold laundry. Wear ankle and wrist weights while you clean. Small things like this can make your regular responsibilities a workout in and of themselves. You’ll also be able to break up your exercise throughout the day more easily rather than trying to set aside a solid 30 minutes just to work out. 

Get the Kids Involved 

Have a dance party, or head outside for some mommy-and-me yoga in the backyard. Even an impromptu game of tag is as good for you as it is fun for them. One of the biggest struggles stay-at-home moms have when it comes to maintaining a fitness schedule is finding alone time to work out. When the baby is napping, they’re usually tending to responsibilities or too tired to do much else but rest themselves. When the kids are older and at school, the day tends to be filled with plenty of chores that need tended to. In the evening, the whole family is together, and between dinner, baths, homework and bedtime, there’s not a lot of time to break a sweat. By involving kids in physical activities, you benefit both yours and their wellbeing while also getting to spend more time together. 

Start Riding an Ebike 

Ebikes are great because they’re a viable means of transportation and can carry additional weight that regular bikes can’t. They also offer you an additional level of support through motorized controls. Taking one out for a ride around the neighborhood can be a great form of exercise, and riding yours to the market or to run errands can help you burn calories on-the-go. Some of the best ebikes in the world give you a complete range of motion and control while still offering electrical support should you need it. If you decide to start biking but get worn out, the controls can take over while you still burn calories riding. 

Take the Stairs 

Whenever you’re out and about running errands, opt for the stairs instead of an elevator or escalator. You can burn a few calories per minute by walking slowly upstairs. Although walking stairs occasionally won’t be comparable to a regular workout routine, it’s one small lifestyle change you can make to live healthier. 


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