4 Tips for Choosing a Condo Community with Top Security and Safety Standards

Your home Should be where you feel the safest. That’s why when you look for prospects for a home, safety and security should be among the factors that you will consider before deciding. This is true even if what you are scouting for is a condominium unit, as not different condos have different levels of standards when it comes to security and safety.

In order for you to choose a property with high standards in condo safety and security, here are x tips that you should know:

Tip # 1: Assess the security when going to your prospect condo for the first time

When you first visit a prospective condo unit, nobody knows you yet. At this point, you are an outsider. So when you first visit the condo you want to check out, you should expect that security check would be a little bit strict. 

As an outsider, you should not be able to enter easily. In fact, someone must assist you while you gain access to the building. If you are able to enter without checks, then this condo is not secured. Potential perpetrators would be able to enter the premises as easily as you did.

Tip # 2:  When inquiring about the property, ask about the building’s safety and security protocols.

Often overlooked when inquiring about a prospective condominium are a building’s safety and security protocols. Even without asking, you should be able to see evacuation plans, emergency exits, fire prevention and control systems, and security systems in place all over the building. 

But aside from observing, it wouldn’t hurt to ask the property representative about the building’s commitment to safety and security. It would also be a good idea to ask how the building is prepared for natural hazards such as earthquakes and strong typhoons. Also, check whether the building is up to date with required inspections for fire safety, and even for facilities such as elevators. 

Finally, ask the property representative to discuss the condo’s safety and security policies and how these are implemented and monitored.

Tip # 3: Evaluate unit safety

After checking out the building’s safety and security protocols, you can now make an assessment of the safety within the unit. It should be standard for the unit to come with fire alarms, smoke detectors, and sprinklers.

Also check for electrical safety, making sure that there are no signs of faulty electrical wiring that can cause a fire. Also, ask what kind of cooking is allowed in the building. Generally, condos only allow electric stoves, but there are some who may allow gas cooking so check what kind of precautionary measures are done to keep other units safe in case of problems with gas cooking.

Also, spend time assessing how secured your unit is. Check what kinds of locks are installed, and ask whether there is flexibility in changing door locks. 

Tip # 4: To be sure, only work with reputable condo developers

To ensure that you are on the highest level of security and safety, it is best to only look at condos from trusted property developers. Working with a well-known developer, you will be assured that everything from the foundation up to the building policies is top-notch. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean that boutique developers are unsafe, but you would feel a lot safer working with a property developer that has a proven track record especially when it comes to safety and security. 

Feel at home with a safe and secured condo 

By being meticulous about the safety and security of your prospective condos right from the beginning, you will truly feel at home in your chosen condo. With one less thing to worry about, your condo can truly be a place you can call home.

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