4 Things You Want from Your Nashville Real Estate Agent

If you’re looking to sell a home in Nashville, you might not know what you want from your real estate agent. You’ll likely find dozens of different agents, and it’s hard to choose between them.

All agents are not alike, so you’ll want to select one carefully. In this article, we’ll discuss what you should see from the agent you choose. Selecting the correct one can make all the difference as you prepare to move on to your life’s next stage.

Total Homes Sold

As you’re looking at Nashville real estate and available agents who can potentially sell your property, you should first ask them how many homes in and around the city they’ve sold. If they tell you they just moved to the area and haven’t sold any homes yet, you’ll know that you should probably go with someone else.

With real estate, you want an agency and individual who know the area and everything about it. They should know how to sell your property based not just on its features but also with their Nashville knowledge overall.

When someone comes to look at your house, the right agent will know how to talk about the surrounding neighborhood and what it has to offer. They’ll know to talk about things like the school district, local restaurants, bars, and coffee shops, any movie theaters or music venues nearby, etc.

They’ll know how to sell your property based on what they suspect a particular family or individual most prioritizes. If you contact a Nashville realtor and they haven’t sold many homes in the area, you’re better off getting someone with more experience.

How Many Homes They Sell for the Asking Price or Over

You also want to get a realtor who sells homes for the asking price as often as possible. Maybe you’ll find a realtor who sells a lot of homes in Nashville but rarely gets the asking price or anywhere close to it.

Unless you’re asking for an unreasonable amount for your property, you’ll want to get the asking price or even above that if you can get a bidding war going between two potential buyers. If the realtor you find doesn’t seem able to get the asking price for a home most of the time, you should keep looking and find someone who can.

They Have a Professional Website

You should also look at the realtor’s website to see if it looks professional or not. When you’re attempting to sell your home, and you hire a realtor to assist you with that, you want to look at what they bring to the table. 

If they don’t conduct themselves professionally, you won’t want to use them. A website can tell you a great deal about a realtor and their agency.

A website that looks hastily thrown together probably tells you this realtor should not represent you. The site should have vivid, full-color images and possibly informative videos on it as well that introduce the agents and talk about what they can do for you. It should have previous client feedback and ways to easily contact the agency through phone numbers, email, etc.

If you don’t see all of that, go with someone else. The right realtor should have a professional site that you or anyone else can navigate easily.

You Should Get Along Well with Them

If you see a realtor has a professional site and that they have the experience you need, you can contact them. You should take this step only if you feel like you’ve identified this agency and realtor as the best candidate for the job.

You can talk to them about your property and what you expect to get for it. You might meet with them in person at some point if they seem receptive to taking you on as a client.

Once you meet them, you’ll learn a little about their personality. You can probably tell within the first few moments whether you like them and whether you’ll get along well with them.

You and your realtor don’t have to love each other at first sight, but you do have to get along reasonably well together. They’re potentially working for you, and, as such, they should treat you respectfully.

If you don’t feel a rapport with your realtor, you might go with someone else for that reason. You should feel that they genuinely want your service and appreciate the opportunity you’re giving them.


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