4 Things To Do Right After Your Yoga Workout Is Complete

4 Things To Do Right After Your Yoga Workout Is Complete

Anyone who has ever done yoga knows the feeling that descends the moment you complete your workout. You feel energized yet relaxed, and your mind is more ordered than it will be at any other point in the day. It’s a delightful feeling, and often the temptation is to sit for awhile and bask in it.

There’s no harm in basking, but there’s a few other ways you can extend the benefit of yoga– even when you’re no longer doing it. When you finally straighten up from your last pose, maximize the impact of the workout by doing one of the following.



Your final yoga pose should be Savasana, where you lie flat on your back, calmly breathing. You should do this for around 10 minutes after your full workout. If you’re doing yoga at a fitness class with an instructor, this will usually be incorporated naturally. If you’re working out at home (to YouTube videos, for example) then you might not be aware of how beneficial, if complicated, Savasana can be– but it’s definitely a step you need to add to your routine.


Ideally, you should be drinking water during your workout, but let’s be honest: that’s often a recipe for nausea. Bending and contorting yourself into poses while your stomach is full of liquid is not a pleasant sensation.

However, when you’re done, rehydrating is a great way to relax from your workout. If you’ve been working hard and sweating, then add a tiny pinch of salt into water; it will help replenish the electrolytes you lost through sweating. If you take ionic supplements such as magnesium or potassium, then post-exercise is a great time to drink your daily dose.

Gentle Cycling

Obviously, this one depends on where you’re working out. If you’ve gone a fitness class at a gym, then you could head into the main gym and climb aboard an exercise bike. If you prefer to do yoga at home, then take the time to find the best exercise bike for home usage and invest. Alternatively, if you have time, you could always grab an actual bike and head out into the fresh air.

Whichever method you choose, gentle cycling is a great way to maximize the impact of your workout. Cycle slowly, letting your body loosen; this discourages lactic acid from building in your joints, meaning you’ll feel supple and comfortable the morning after a workout. You only need to do this for between five and 10 minutes, keeping your pace slow, and letting your body calm from your workout.




Ideally, you should wait around half an hour after you have concluded all physical activity before eating. When you do eat, try to focus on simple proteins, such as meat, tofu, or your choice of protein powder. Protein helps your muscles to recover for your workout, and should give you a boost of clean energy also.

In Conclusion

The conclusion of a yoga routine is the start of the rest of your day. Take the time to find a way of cooling down that suits you, then focus on this rather than rushing back to your normal schedule. This will allow you to get the full benefit of your workout, and help keep you relaxed throughout the day.



  1. MeMe R says

    My unflexable body wishes it could do yoga lol. I am going to give it another shot though. Good post!

  2. MeMe R says

    I am with the other poster. I have tried to do yoga for years and it just does’t work for me. I was also diagnosed with a couple different forms of arthritis and Lupus in my early 30’s so this is probably why in my 20’s I could not do yoga. Gentle stretches does help though.

  3. Rachel says

    I love Yoga it really gets my body into shape and Im not as stiff

  4. yoga teacher training rishikesh says

    Nice Post. Thanks for sharing the information.

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