4 Summer Desserts to Try

When it’s hot outside, the last thing you want is a dessert to be dense and heavy. Enter delicious summer desserts made with fresh ingredients and light, airy textures! From fudgy vegan chocolate to ripe summer fruit, we have plenty of tasty ideas for your next summertime treat.

Find inspiration in fun and simple recipes to enjoy at home or take to a party. 

  • Strawberry Rhubarb Pie 

Strawberry rhubarb pie looks and tastes like summer. This classic recipe makes the most of the seasonal harvest with readily ripe fruit and bright, sour flavors.  You can make a vegan strawberry rhubarb pie in your kitchen using only a few simple ingredients. First, gather fresh strawberries and rhubarb from the grocery store or farmer’s market. 

For this recipe, you also need two pie crusts. Pre-bake the first crust and leave the second unbaked for later. Grab a few more ingredients from your pantry, including pure maple syrup and arrowroot powder. Pink Himalayan salt and pure vanilla extract give this pie a beautiful depth of flavor. Prepare your pie filling and pour it into your pre-baked crust. Cover the filling with the unbaked crust and cut holes to allow air and liquid from the pie filling to escape. Pinch the crust over with your fingers or use a fork to seal the two crusts together. Bake according to the recipe, and then allow to cool completely before serving. Top with whipped vegan coconut cream or serve with plant-based ice cream. 

  • Icebox Cake 

The icebox cake has been around for ages, but it’s still popular and for good reason. These tasty, chilled treats are an excellent summer alternative to a heavier cake. They’re called icebox cakes because they sit in the icebox or refrigerator to set, but you’ll also notice they have an unmistakably creamy texture. Icebox cakes typically include dairy or a plant-based alternative to heavy cream. Browse summer icebox cake recipes, and you’ll see that they often feature wafers and nuts or fruit. You can make decadent icebox cakes with milk chocolate or dark chocolate. Top your cake with crumbled cookie pieces or flavor it with rich chocolate ganache. 

An icebox cake made with lemon curd and lemon juice offers a bright and energizing summer flavor. Create a unique dessert with espresso powder or non alkalized cocoa powder. You can even make your icebox cake with homemade vanilla pudding. Some popular icebox cake flavors include strawberry and key lime. Are you interested in making a vegan cake? There are plenty of plant-based recipes, like a summer berry icebox cake made with chilled coconut cream and powdered coconut sugar. For chocolate lovers, make a decadent chocolate and marshmallow treat with cocoa powder and unsweetened coconut milk. Icebox cake is fun and versatile enough for any get-together. Impress your friends with a creamy treat and organic ingredients. 

  • Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate mousse is the perfect way to enjoy dark chocolate flavor in the summer. Its cool and creamy texture is perfect for warmer weather. Enjoy chocolate mousse on its own or top it with refreshing additions to make a delicious summertime snack. Strawberries and blueberries create a delightful seasonal treat, or you can top your mousse with tropical flavors like mango or passion fruit.  

An airy vegan coconut cream whipped topping will make you feel like you’re eating dessert on vacation. Add summer flair with coconut flakes or white coconut shavings. You could even include lime or orange zest. The best part about dark chocolate mousse is that it’s just as easy to make as it is to love. First, you’ll melt semi-sweet baking chocolate using a double boiler. As you allow the chocolate to cool to room temperature, you’ll create a whipped vegan aquafaba and fold a third of it into your room-temperature chocolate. Be careful not to combine hot melted chocolate with the aquafaba or your mousse will turn grainy. 

 Once combined, pour non-dairy milk over your chocolate and aquafaba mixture. Mix to create a smooth ganache, then fold in the rest of the aquafaba. Place your mousse in colorful glass cups or decorative ceramic ramekins and chill for at least three hours. Now bask in the sun and relax. Soon, you’ll enjoy the cool and creamy dark chocolate flavor.  

  • Summer Fruit Tart 

A fresh fruit tart is a lovely sight during summer. Fan a rainbow of colors over a vanilla cream filling or choose red and blue berries over custard for a spirited holiday dessert. It’s a favorite treat when you’re looking for something lighter and easier to make than a seasonal pie. It’s also an unexpected dessert to bring to a Sunday dinner.  

A summer fruit tart makes for a delicious and healthy alternative to a cake for a graduation or birthday party. Treat guests to beautiful, fresh fruit and plant-based ingredients. Fruit tarts are so fun to create in your kitchen that you’ll find an excuse to make it on a weeknight. To create a fresh and tasty fruit tart, you’ll make a buttery crust and a creamy filling. The star of the recipe is a fruit topping featuring whole blueberries and chopped strawberries. Add raspberries and diced mango for more flavor and color. Kiwi and apple jelly round out this delicious layer of flavor. 

Make a Tasty Summer Dessert 

Yes, you can still enjoy dessert in summer! Fresh, light ingredients and creative baking techniques will keep your treats refreshing and satisfying. Cool off with a delicious chocolate mousse or try something new like strawberry rhubarb pie. You’ll expand your taste horizons and find a favorite dessert to look forward to year-round. 



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