4 signs you’ve found the personal injury lawyer for your case

When you’ve been injured and it wasn’t your fault, you’re going to feel incredibly vulnerable. It’s at this stage that many victims seek the guidance of a personal injury lawyer, as someone who can assist them in getting the monetary compensation they need and the justice that they deserve. 

However, many personal injury victims find themselves struggling to find the lawyer that’s not only suited to their case but also to them as individuals. There are literally thousands of lawyers, firms and attorneys out there, so it’s no wonder many victims find the scenario incredibly stressful and daunting. A personal injury lawyer can make or break your case, so getting it right is imperative. 

Even when you’ve narrowed your search down, it can be difficult to know if the person or firm you’ve chosen is the right choice. With this in mind, we’ve gathered 4 signs that you’ve found the personal injury lawyer for your case. Read on to find out more.

They communicate constantly

According to www.harrellandharrell.com, if you’ve hired a lawyer who doesn’t return your calls for days, who doesn’t answer your emails and has left you feeling pretty much in the dark about your case, then you should fire them immediately. A lawyer should always have their lines of communication open, and whilst they may not be able to speak with you instantly, they will endeavor to speak with you and answer any queries you might have within hours of your initial contact. Personal injury cases can be mentally draining and it’s important for victims to feel in control of their case and aware of its progress. Your lawyer should ensure all of these things.

They’re totally transparent 

When it comes to legal fees and court costs, your personal injury lawyer will always be transparent with their clients and set out clear pricing structures, contracts and make things clear from the very beginning. This ensures that you’re both on the same page and helps to strengthen your professional relationship. A lawyer who is secretive and vague about pricing or insists that you should “worry about it later”, may not have your best interests at heart.

Awards and recognition

A straightforward sign of the personal injury lawyer you want is their collection of accolades and awards. This could be recognition from their peers, from legal boards and organizations both local and national. If they have these kinds of awards then they’re likely to be respected in their field. If your current attorney doesn’t have anything like this…ask yourself why.

They don’t make guarantees 

Even if your case seems straightforward and cut and dry, your lawyer should never make assumptions or guarantees. It’s just not professional. A lawyer who claims that they will win your case and get you a specific settlement is not only lying but breaking the law, so if your attorney is partial to telling tall-tales, dismiss their services and look elsewhere. 


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