4 Signs You Should Replace the Windows Rather than Repair Them

How do you feel about the windows in your home? Do you like them or are they a constant source of irritation? If it’s the latter, something needs to be done. Repairs are sometimes the answer, but a more likely scenario is that you need to call one of the Toronto window companies and look into the idea of replacing every last one.

Here are some signs that it’s time to make that call.

You’ve Already Spent a Small Fortune on Repairs

How many times in the last year have you called someone over to work on one or more windows? Did those repairs produce much in the way of long-term results? Consider how much you’ve already spent trying to make something that’s lower in quality last a little longer. All the money you put toward those repairs haven’t solved the issues; more repairs are not likely to make things much better. Stop wasting money and get rid of the old windows. New ones will be free of all the problems you seem to constantly deal with from one month to the next.

The Windows Will Never Be That Energy Efficient

The windows are the same age as the house. Since the place was built a few decades ago, improvements to window glass and general window construction have taken place. That means no matter what you do to those old windows, they will never be as energy efficient as the current crop of options.

Think of what that means in terms of utility costs and the wear and tear on your HVAC system. Windows that allow for more transference of heat and cold does lead to higher energy consumption. They also increase the odds of more repairs and a shorter life for your heating and cooling unit. Add in the fact that windows with a higher energy rating will ensure you feel more comfortable indoors and the decision to invest in new windows is a no-brainer.

And They Will Never Work The Way You Want

No matter how much money you throw at the older windows, they will never work exactly the way that you want. There will always be one more sash that refuses to budge, a different one that won’t stay open no matter what, and gaps that seem to appear overnight. It’s a losing battle to keep making repairs. Avoid the frustration by getting new windows and no longer having to deal with the parade of new problems that appear every time you turn around.

Don’t Forget You Never Liked the Style in the First Place

If all the above isn’t enough incentive, remember that you were never crazy about the window style. It’s been something you chose to live with because there were so many other things about the house that you did like. Now that the windows are giving you so many problems, seize the opportunity to get rid of the style you don’t like and install one that’s more to your liking. Along with function, the new windows will look better in your eyes.

If you’re not sure what style or features you want, sit down with a contractor from one of the better Calgary window replacement companies and discuss the options. You may come across a style or some feature that you didn’t know existed or ever considered as an option for your home. Together, you and the contractor can come up with a plan that’s perfect for you, the house, and your desire to live more comfortably.

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