4 of the Greatest Joys of Being a Parent 

There is nothing more stressful in this world than being a parent (all parents out there know what I’m talking about)! The constant nagging, whining, and crying; the constant demand for attention, praise, and animated movies. Forever worrying about them getting hurt on a field trip, or getting lost in a store (or worse…). The bickering between siblings, the sass from a primadonna five-year-old, the mouth from a 10-year-old. Fighting with them to go to bed (and stay in bed), do their chores, finish their homework. 

And the infinite diaper changes…! 

But there is nothing more joyful in this world than being a parent. Hearing the giggles they give and watching them dance around (try to, anyway) to the music in one of those animated movies brings delight to your heart. Children bring new life to yours and fill a hole in your heart you didn’t even know was there (yes, I got that from one of those inspirational quotes, but it is very much true!). 

Unfortunately, not everyone gets to experience the joys of being a parent. Some women (or men) may not be able to conceive without medical assistance. You can still become a parent, however, and enjoy what all other mothers and fathers get to enjoy. In vitro fertilization is giving couples the chance to be parents; advances in the technology and methodology are giving procedures a success rate of up to 54%, creating families that otherwise wouldn’t be and allowing people to enjoy the beauty and fun of parenthood. 

Some of the joys parents receive are discussed below. Some of it is from personal experience, others are what other parents have said are their greatest joys. It is truly wonderful to see parents light up when discussing what they love most about being a parent. 


The love and affection a child shows you is priceless! To be loved unconditionally by someone so small and so dependent on you lets you know that you are doing something right. Watching your child hug your spouse when they get home makes you love both of them so much more. Being the one your child rushes to when you get home — so full of excitement — makes a frown turn upside down. And, as annoying as it may be for them to curl up with you in bed at night, cling to that little body as long as you can because one day you will not be able to… 

The Mischief 

Children get into all sorts of trouble. The chaos they cause around the house has you shoving them out the door to go play. Things get lost, things get damaged. But it is the silly stuff they get into that becomes so absurd that you can’t help but laugh at, and once you laugh you can no longer punish them for it. Just like the “Linda, Linda, Linda” kid who was in trouble but got away with it because of his ridiculousness. Laugh when they: 

  • Put a pile of Legos between you and them so they can’t get spanked 
  • Go swimming in the fish tank 
  • Hide inside the refrigerator 
  • Paint their sibling or dog in peanut butter 
  • Lick milk up off the floor with the cats 

Viewing the World with New Eyes 

As adults, we tend to become cynical and see the world around us as a negative. But somehow, these little reflections of us (hopefully) bring the brightness out of us again. Seeing the world through their eyes and watching the amazement they feel light up their eyes can sometimes bring a tear to your own. Because of their outlook, you can become a child again. Play with them, explore the world with them, and you will see the positive in this world again. 

Seeing the Adults They Become 

This is one I can’t speak on personally, but one I can understand. After talking with other parents (mine included), to hear them speak about the pride their children instill in them makes me proud of myself — as a child. It also makes me worry that I’m doing everything I’m supposed in raising my own. But then they tell me about all of the mistakes they made and how nothing was perfect, and I just have to keep that in mind. 

 I can only imagine my children growing up and becoming successful at whatever it is they choose to do with their lives, but it is who they become that I believe would give me the greatest joy. How kind they will be, how polite they become, how willing they will be to help others who need it; seeing all of that will give me the most satisfaction.

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