4 Must-Have Bed Accessories for a Good Night’s Rest

Our bedrooms should be a comfortable place, optimized for a good night’s sleep. While the right mattress, light-blocking curtains and minimal technology distraction can help us all sleep better, there are a few sleep-time accessories that can be added directly to our beds for a more comfortable night’s rest.

The Right Pillow

Did you know that the right pillow can improve your health? Sleeping with the right style of pillows is critical in supporting the spine, head, neck, hips and shoulders. Pillows can help to alleviate many different forms of back and neck pain, keeping the body in alignment while sleeping through the night, counter balancing different points in the body and relieving pressure. People who wake up sore or with joint pain are likely sleeping with the wrong pillows. While luxe feather-filled pillows might seem like a great option, these types offer little support, it is best to opt for pillows filled with firmer materials, such as memory foam, which can keep the head in place throughout the night, Spine-health suggests.

A Comfy Mattress Topper or Mattress Pad

Give you mattress a makeover with a mattress topper. Often made of superior materials such as gel and regular memory foam, down alternative or hypo-allergenic components, mattress toppers and pads can give your bed a dreamy makeover for far less than replacing an uncomfortable mattress altogether. Memory foam options, for example, offer pressure relief by adjusting to the sleepers unique curves and weight, which makes for a restful, and comfortable, night’s sleep. Some mattress toppers even offer ventilated designs, sometimes called cooling systems, that improve breathability for maximum comfort.

Quality Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Want better sleep? The secret may be in your sheets. Those who have trouble sleeping due to night sweats or people who have a difficult time sleeping while hot may find the rest they are looking for with the gold standard in sheets. Egyptian cotton sheets are breathable, allowing air to flow through, which gives sleep-seekers the chance to rest comfortably throughout the night. Egyptian cotton sheets also have high thread counts, the number of cotton threads woven together in a single square inch, which means Egyptian cotton sheets are more durable and comfortable, too.

A Customized Duvet

High thread count, machine washable, cloud-like or optimal for year-round use, duvets today are more versatile than ever before, leaving sleepers with lots of different customizable options. Not only can duvets keep you warm, or cool (you decide!), when you sleep, they can add a layered look to your bedding. Oftentimes, comforters or duvets are sold in bedding sets, but sleepers can splurge on individual styles filled with down, feathers, wool or other synthetic materials. A room can easily be pulled together with a stylish duvet cover in a color that compliments a bedrooms color scheme, which makes for a great way to add a pop-of-color to a white-walled room or color-coordinate with the seasons throughout the year.

We spend a lot of time asleep in our bedrooms. Make sure that your time in bed is a comfortable and restorative as it can be with customizable duvets, the right pillow, a comfy mattress pad and quality sheets.


  1. Starla says

    These are all great items that must be essential! I am lacking. I am going to definitely find myself a nice duvet!

  2. Shannon Flannery says

    Thanks for the great tips! I have three kids under three & wish I could spend a little more time in bed.

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