4 Home Maintenance Tasks You Might Be Overlooking

4 Home Maintenance Tasks You Might Be Overlooking

There are a lot of maintenance tasks that go into keeping your home functioning properly. While you probably remember to do things like clean the floors and scrub your bathroom tub, there are plenty of other tasks you might be forgetting. Use this list of overlooked home maintenance tasks to keep your home safe and comfortable.

Check Your Air Conditioner’s Condensate Line

Do you even know what your condensate line is? It’s the part of your air conditioner that removes moisture from the air and carries it outside to be disposed of. If it’s functioning correctly, you should see a dripping stream of water from a pipe near your outdoor AC unit. If you don’t, you might have a clog. Clogs can happen because debris, dirt, rust, or ice build up in the line. Checking your air conditioner’s condensate line is important to do, as a clogged line can cause your utility bills to soar. If you notice the line isn’t functioning right, call an HVAC technician right away to have a look.

Change Your HVAC Filters

Another important HVAC task is to check your filters. These help to purify the heated and cooled air that circulates in your home. After a while, they begin to get clogged with dirt and debris, causing your system to work harder to push the air through. This decreases the life of your furnace and AC, which typically last 10 to 20 years on average.

Change your filters twice a year to keep things running smooth. Best of all, you’ll also save on energy costs, as your system will run more efficiently.

Clean Your Gutters

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Since the gutters on your home are out of sight, you might never think to check how they look on the inside. In the fall especially, dead leaves and other debris can collect in these pockets, causing the drainage holes to clog. This will cause water to cascade down the side of your home or leak onto your roof, which is especially dangerous in the winter if it turns to ice. Prevent this by cleaning out your gutters once a season. This keeps your gutters in good shape and prevents any critters from making a home inside them.

Flush Your Water Heater

Having hot water is a necessity we often take for granted. Your water heater sees a lot of abuse thanks to your long showers, dishwasher, and more. Over time, extensive use can cause sediments from the water to build up inside the tank. These elements include magnesium, calcium, iron, and sand, and they can lead to rust-colored water when you turn on the hot water.

Keep this from happening in your home by flushing your hot water lines every so often. This cleans out the bottom and ensures that your water is clear and safe.

These certainly aren’t the only things you need to do to keep your home in one piece. However, they’re a good start to your list of regular maintenance tasks.


  1. Richard Hicks says

    These are very good tips. I need to check our furnace filter pronto!

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