4 Easy Hair Styles for Kids and How To Do Them

4 Easy Hair Styles for Kids and How To Do Them

Parenting is one challenge after another. Your children evolve and grow everyday, and as soon as you feel like you’ve figured out what they like, their tastes change. Finding a hairstyle that they love — and that you can accomplish — is one of those challenges. Thankfully, there are great-looking kids’ styles that are easy to create and sure to please even your pickiest customers. Here are four of them, complete with everything you need to do them at home.


This look is easy, clean, and classic. It’s also super customizable and appropriate for everything from a weekend pool party to a formal family wedding. A chignon is basically a bun placed low at the nape of the neck. Keep it simple by pulling the hair into a low ponytail and then pulling it partially through the elastic one more time to create a loop of hair. Experiment with leaving some of the ends exposed by pulling less hair through the second time. Then curl the ends, add styling products such as gel or mousse to make them spikey, and add ribbons, flowers, and other accessories if desired.

For a more formal look, start with the same low ponytail. Then make a gap in the hair just above the ponytail and flip the hair up and through the gap, creating a twist on either side. Finally, flip the end of the ponytail up and through the gap one more time, using bobby pins to secure the bun. Add a flower or pretty barrette to finish the look.

French Braid

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A French braid is another classic, but one that can be intimidating until you’ve learned how to do one. Start by brushing the hair to get rid of knots and tame frizzies. Divide hair into three sections at the top of the area you want to braid. Cross one outer section over the middle section, and then do the same on the other side. Keep that pattern going, adding hair to each outer section as you cross it over. Secure it at the bottom with an elastic, and give the finished braid a light coating of hairspray to keep it in place. Once you’ve mastered the basic look, take it to the next level with these fun twists on the French Braid.

Flower Braid

Here is a fun way to turn an ordinary braid into something special. For a half-updo, start just over each ear and draw the hair together into a ponytail just above the middle of the back of the head. Make a gap above the ponytail and flip the hair up and pull it through to create a twist on both sides. Then do a simple braid, crossing one outer section over the middle section and alternating sides. Then wrap the braid around itself and secure it with bobby pins to create the look of a flower.

Make a full updo out of flower braids by placing them all the way around your child’s hairline to create a crown effect.

Hair Bow

Image via Flickr by BrittReneePhotography

There’s no denying the cool factor of the hair bow trend that Lady Gaga started. This style has the added bonus of looking like it takes way more time and skill than it actually does.

Begin with a ponytail at the top of the head, or wherever you want to place your bow. Next, pull the hair partially through once more, creating a bun but leaving five or more inches free. Spread the bun so that it creates a dome shape. Then, separate the dome into two even halves. These will form the sides of the bow. Now, take the length of hair you did not pull through the ponytail the second time and wrap it over the middle of the divided sections, securing it with pins.

Depending on the texture of your child’s hair, you may want to make some adjustments to create the shape and smoothness you want. Be sure to use hairspray to help the bow keep its shape, and add fun, colorful accessories to show off your masterpiece.

These creative kids’ hairstyles are clever additions to your child’s style, but they’re also easy and fun ways to spend some time together. Don’t be afraid to experiment and find fresh new ways to make these looks your own!

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