3 Tips to Keep Your Home Safe 

 Home safety is something that crosses everyone’s mind — after all, nobody wants to see their home invaded or burgled. With spring approaching, it’s important to spend some time finalizing your home’s safety so that you can enjoy your house this season. Take a look at some quick tips to ensure that you always feel safe. 

1. Keep the Yard and Surrounding Areas Tidy 

With your backyard, plants and outdoor area flourishing, it’s best to tidy up to make sure that the outside of your home is highly visible. Cut down all plants and bushes so that people aren’t able to hide behind anything, and so your neighbors and surrounding people are able to notice any unusual activity. If your backyard is cluttered with furniture, toys or any equipment, clean this up and stow away anything you can’t use right now. It’s also a good idea if you have a garage door to update the passcode or change the batteries in your remote regularly so that you can be confident it remains secure. 

2. Comprehensive Outdoor Security System 

It may seem obvious, but a comprehensive security system that is easily monitored and high tech is vital to keeping your home and family safe. With various options when it comes to outdoor safety, finding a system that is adaptable to different weather and situations is the best way to stay the most secure. For instance, Lorex Technology has an outdoor camera system with a wide-vision distance, night vision and is even weather proof for any rain or snow. Be sure that to purchase as many outdoor cameras as needed to cover your whole outdoor area, and make sure that all angles of your home are detectable. For added security, check out a home insurance resource.

3. Seal Doors and Windows 

Make sure you do a detailed check and seal the doors and windows all around your home. Not only will this help keep the temps in your home comfortable, but it could also help keep your home stay safe. For large-scale safety, now is a great time to install a strong fly screen or an extra layer across all windows and doors. This means that even if the glass breaks or cracks in a storm, you still have a secure layer to keep invaders out. Take a detailed look around the house for any leaks, cracks or holes in any of the windows and doors, and seal these to ensure that all fixtures are as strong as possible. 

On that note, make sure that the locks in your entryways are secure and foolproof, especially against lock picking. When you buy door locks, test them against different lock picking tools to ensure they’re not easy to open. Forced entry is the primary way intruders get into a home, so use solid doors and reinforce them, so they can withstand great force. Follow these basic precautions to improve the security of your property.

Securing your home is a vital step that you’ll need to take at every season, ensuring you and your family remain safe. Take the time to follow some of these quick steps, and enjoy feeling secure at home. 

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