3 Things You Should Consider Before Sending Your Child to a Christian School

Parents who feel strongly about their faith will often want their children to have an education that reflects their convictions, and that’s perfectly normal. Christian schools are everywhere, and are still a very popular choice for many parents. They’ve also evolved over the years, and you’ll find schools for virtually all denominations.

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While it might sound like a good idea for you, however, you also have to make sure that it is the right choice for your child since the wrong education could eventually backfire. Here are some of the things you should consider before you enroll your child in a Christian school.

Does Your Child Love the Faith as Much as You?

The first thing you should monitor is whether or not your child is on the same page as you as far as faith goes. Some children love church and are genuinely enthusiastic about it. How much do your children like getting involved when they go to church? Do they seem happy on church days, or do you have to basically snatch them out of their beds? Do they like to get involved in Sunday school? Do they often ask questions about the church? If your child does this, then this is a sign that they could feel right at home in a Christian school and that it will support their development instead of hindering it.

In addition to this, you can help and drive interest in your child towards Christianity with many other methods. The way children are taught about religion sometimes seems heavy or boring for them, so this is your sign to make it as interactive and fun as possible at home for them to stay engaged. One way is to teach them prayers before bed or meal which will evoke a sense of gratitude, another way is to have an interactive curriculum of teaching stuff. For instance, a vacation bible school program is also a nice and organized way to teach your kids about growing spiritual habits. No matter which way you choose, make sure that it is adapted to your child’s learning pace.

What Kind of School Should I Send Them To?

If you’re a catholic, chances are you’ll want to send your child to a catholic school. However, there are tons of different catholic schools these days, and they don’t all fit the same mold. Some schools, like Visitation Catholic school for instance, are trying to have a more individual based approach, and are not only unconventional for catholic schools, but for schools in general. Do not stop only at the denomination, and look at the teaching staff and style, installations, and the approach they will have towards your child.

Another thing you have to know is that not all schools will put as much of an emphasis on Christianity. This might be something you want or don’t want, but in some cases, teachers will only be required to sign a statement of faith. Most of the manuals will be secular, and teachers will try to compensate by approaching objects from a “Christian perspective”. So, that’s something you’ll want to pay attention to.

Don’t Expect All Kids There to be Angels

While sending your child to a Christian school can reduce the amount of strange questions they come home with, that doesn’t mean that everyone will be perfect. Children in Christian schools can be just as mean spirited as in any public school, so you still will have to be prepared to put out fires once in a while and deal with bad influences at school too.

These are all things you’ll need to keep in mind before you send your children to a Christian school. The most important is to do your homework on the school(s) you were interested in, and make sure that they align with your principles and your idea of what a Christian school should be.

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