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3 Reasons To Buy the LG G4

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When I visit stores like Best Buy, I love checking out the newest smart phone tech. It’s kind of a big draw for me and I head there immediately. The buzz around the LG G4 has been so strong lately that I knew it was time for another Best Buy visit.


It takes a lot to get me excited about a new phone. Nothing has swayed me enough to leave my current phone (of two years)… that is until the LG G4. I didn’t walk out of the store with one, but I keep hearing a little voice in my head telling me to go back to check it out again.

What’s the noise about?

Well, the new LG G4 smartphone stands out in 3 areas – the camera, the display and the design.

1) Camera

•       f/1.8 aperture for impressive performance in low light situations

•       Manual mode with 15 settings and over 135 options for photo enthusiast level control over how photos are captured

•       Improved Laser Auto Focus so you’re always ready to capture the moment

•       16MP rear facing camera and an 8MP front facing camera for high quality photos and selfies

•       Improved Optical Image Stabilization steadies the shot for sharp, focused images

•       RAW image file capture for the highest possible image quality


2) Display

•       Cutting edge 5.5”  IPS Quantum Display for an outstanding visual experience

•       25% brighter display* for an enhanced viewing experience in various lighting conditions

•       50% improvement in contrast* for richer images

•       Quad HD resolution with 538 PPI for incredible detail


photo credit lg.com

3) Design

•       Genuine leather, metallic and ceramic style back covers for a premium look and feel

•       Fits in the palm of your hand with a gentle curved design for ergonomic comfort

•       Upgradable memory up to 2TB with micro SD card and a replaceable high capacity 3,000mAh battery

The look and feel of a smart phone are important to me, but are typically not the biggest factor in my purchase. The camera and display are.

The camera on this is fabulous and with the added benefit of manual controls and the ability to save RAW files for future editing is MAJOR for me. The display is crisp, bright and fine details are very noticeable. This aids in my photo editing abilities when done on the phone itself.

So… I’m still thinking but it’s a serious conversation in my head.

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What attributes do you look for in a smart phone?




  1. Nicole Dziedzic says

    I am actually looking to upgrading my iphone 4 s to a new phone, which is not a iphone, so over the iphone right now, since the one i have now has been acting up. The one thing i love about this phone above is mainly the camera and the design.

  2. Karen Glatt says

    I like the big display and the graphics on the face of this phone and that it has an excellent front and rear facing cameras that take great pictures. This phone is so cool and I would love to upgrade to this one.

  3. Sherri says

    I like the sound of this phone. It sounds like it would be the best phone for taking pictures. Thank you for the review!

  4. Making sure the phone I choose has a great camera is ultra important to me. I will be checking out the LG G4 in person before deciding which way to go with my current upgrade.

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