3 Qualities Parents Look for When Hiring a Nanny

Hiring a nanny to take care of children is very common. Unfortunately, some families go through many of them until they find the right one. 

This process can be reduced if time is taken at the beginning to find the ideal one, and they’re out there. 

Three qualities stand out above all others. First, the nanny must have solid credentials, be reliable, and, most importantly, the children must like them. 

Solid Credentials 

The daughter of a neighbor you’ve known for many years might be an excellent short-term babysitter. However, if she doesn’t have references, there’s no way of knowing if there’s anything that might signal that she’s not suitable for the task. 


Personal references are an excellent way of discovering a nanny’s track record. If available, ask for 3–5 of them. Then, if it’s possible, call them and talk about the person. Words on a piece of paper may not provide the complete picture. 

Check Further 

It’s essential to dig deeper than references. Next, run a background check on them. This will bring up anything that may differ from what they’ve provided. There are numerous people search sites and apps to get this information from. 

Online Profile 

Check their social media profiles; these sites are great indicators of a person’s behavior. For example, if they’re full of inappropriate pictures and posts, this may indicate they’re unsuitable. 


The nanny must be reliable. There are several ways to confirm this. 


Are they always on time? If you’re forever waiting for them to show up, this could indicate that they’re not committed to the task. 

Talk to them about their family situation. For example, if they have a critically ill or disabled parent, this may indicate that, at times, they’ll need to leave early or at the drop of a hat. 


How do they get to your house? Do they have their own car or rely on public transport? Delays, roadwork, or strikes could prevent them from arriving on time or at all. If they have their own vehicle, consider paying for gasoline for the drive to and from your house. 

Personal Relationships 

If the nanny has a partner, babysitting could be one of the ways they choose to spend time together. However, having a stranger in your home who hasn’t been cleared could cause many issues.  

The main concern is that if their friend visits, they might be distracted from their duties. So even if the partner checks out, they shouldn’t come over. 


As the children spend all their time with the nanny, they must form a connection. Without it, the situation will never work out. If the kids talk positively about the nanny when they’re not there and ask when they’ll return, this indicates that the right choice has been made. 


One of the skills an ideal nanny needs is patience. Children can be unpredictable and switch from angels to devils in a nano-second. The best babysitter will be able to read the kids’ energies and adapt to them. Unless instructed by you, they should never raise their voice or do anything that may alienate them. 

No Nanny is Liked 

Beware of the children choosing to dislike every candidate purely because they never want you to leave them alone. If they don’t like a person, question why and ensure the answers are legitimate. Don’t lose out on the ideal nanny just because the kids are being difficult. 

Tick the Three Boxes 

The ideal nanny will have references and be dependable and adored by the children. 

Excellent references from others and a clear background check will set the nanny in high stead. 

If they always arrive on time and don’t have family issues that cause them to disappear or leave early, then you’re set. 

Finally, the choice is perfect if the kids relate to them and actually look forward to the nanny coming. 

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