25 New Years Crafts for Kids

25 New Years Crafts for Kids



The kids are home from school, the gifts are unwrapped and already forgotten and a few “I’m bored”s have been heard. It’s time to break out the craft items and give the littles something to do!

New Year Eve/Day celebrations are fun to craft for. Girls love the sparkle, boys love the noisemakers… and I love spending the time with them at the kitchen table creating memories and fun crafts to enjoy the festivities.

We’ve found 25 kid friendly ideas to get your started! 

25 New Years Crafts for Kids

DIY Party Hats

New Years Time Capsule

New Years Countdown Clock

Noise Makers

Easter Egg Maracas

DIY Party Hats

New Years Glasses

New Years Headband

DIY Glitter Party Hats

New Years Poppers

Wishing Wand

Easter Egg Maracas

Balloon Lantern

New Year Collage

Crackers from TP Rolls

Confetti Eggs

New Years Eve Countdown Goodie Bags

New Years Eve Countdown Goodie Bags

Party Blowers

Fireworks Craft

Homemade Confetti Balloons

Masquerade Masks

Princess Tiara

Princess Tiara

Child-Friendly New Years Resolutions

Paper Plate Party Hat

Pom Pom Poppers

New Years Hats

Edible Party Horns

Wishing Wand


  1. alicia k (Petite Pilates Pixie) says

    i like the wishing wand idea. cute!

  2. pretty neat ideals for new years –happy new year!!

  3. Julie Wood says

    How fun crafts to make for New Years. These would be great to make and have on hand when my niece and nephew come over. They would love to make some of these crafts. I will have to get them to make one of these!

  4. Rosie says

    So many cool ideas! I can’t say I have a favorite, but I’ve never seen anything like those Easter egg maracas, but the noise-makers and party hats – wow! There’s going to be a whole lotta’ fun around here!!!

  5. md Kennedy says

    I love the idea of the countdown goodie bags – I need to do something for my hubby and his aunt for NYE and I may just do a couple of these for them!

  6. Rust says

    Very creative! Pinned!

  7. Tanya Holland says

    Theses are cute ideas. My girls are definitely over the excitement of their new toys. This is different than the normal painting they’ve been doing.

  8. ellen beck says

    I loove the time capsule idea. The tough part would be for them to leave it alone for ny length of time -or remeembering where it is 🙂

  9. Michelle F. says

    So many cute ideas. Love the wishing wand.

  10. Sandra VanHoey says

    I’m always a day late but how cute these would be to make. Guess they could still do some of these and have lots of fun. The kids love crafts and making their own things

  11. Wendi S says

    Ahh, I wish I had seen these before now! But I will pin them and do them next year! Thanks so much.

  12. Christina Strapp says

    These are really cute especially the wand.

  13. Thank you so much for including my New Year Wishing Wand!

  14. Sarah L says

    The rattles are fun and easy and colorful. You could use the fancy duck tape to put it together.

  15. Cami v says

    How fun.. these would be great for adults as well. Love this craft.

  16. courtney b says

    I love the new years popper ideas !:) very cute! love this for new years!

    thanks !:) xoxoxo

  17. Those shakers are lots of fun. Bunch of other fun crafts.

  18. ellen beck says

    Lots of fun stuff! With trick weather and on days you cant or dont want to go anywhere nothing beats a fun craft. These all look great!

  19. What great ideas! We love involving the kids in our New Year’s Eve celebrations.

  20. Tamra Phelps says

    Oh, these are very cute. I think my favorite might be the Easter Egg maracas. That would be a great craft for Easter.


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