12 Mom Hacks to Start off the Year Right

All moms know one universal thing to be true: there’s simply never enough time in the day! Moms manage jobs, kids, relationships, homes, and so much more. Being a mom is a heroic feat; it’s no wonder she’s so many kids’ superhero!  

If you, like many moms, are looking to squeeze every possible minute out of your day, we are here to help. Meet “Mom Hacks”! These are our clever tips and tricks to help save time, so that you can finally get your to-do list done.  

Read on for our 12 favorite Mom Hacks that you should bring with you into 2021.  

Clean Up, Clean Up  

You know that old nursery school rhyme? It’s time to make sure everybody does, in fact, do their share! Faster clean up means more time for Mom. Here’s how to get the whole family involved.   

  1. Make storage kid-accessible so that kids can help clean up with ease. Store toys, clothes, and shoes in easily accessible tubs at “kid” height (https://www.hgtv.com/lifestyle/clean-and-organize/15-smart-versatile-toy-storage-ideas-pictures). Label each tub with a photo of the items that go in it, so that there’s no confusion for non-reading kids.  
  2. Over-the-door organizers are your best friend; they’re easy for kids of all heights to access. Designate the bottom few rows for your youngest’s favorite toys, the next few for your middle child, and they top for the oldest! It’s a great space saver and a killer organizational tool. 
  3. Give a 5-minute heads up for clean-up time. This lets your kids know that it’s time to wrap up their games and provides a smoother transition into clean-up.
  4. Everybody means everybody! Include your partner in cleaning tasks, too. This will teach your kids that cleaning is a family duty, and everyone needs to do their part. 

It Takes a Village 

While child-rearing was once a task the whole family took part in, many moms now raise children far from family. But “family” doesn’t have to mean relatives. Here are ways to build a family right in your own community and share the responsibilities of motherhood.   

  1. Create a carpool! Moms spend a ton of time toting kids from place to place. Chances are, there are tons of parents around you schlepping to the exact same places. Talk to your neighbors or other parents at your kids school, sports, or other activities. By getting together a group of 2 or 3 other families, you can free up tons of time each week.  
  2. Make a supper club. Deciding what’s for dinner is always a pain, but cooking dinner takes the same amount of time whether it’s for 4 or 8. Join up with some family friends and build a supper club. Designate one day a week that they’ll cook dinner for your family, and one that you’ll cook for theirs. That leaves you each with a night off from cooking each week—a welcome reprieve. 
  3. Look into local after-school programs (https://www.afterschoolalliance.org/myCommunityFind.cfm). These can be a huge help, especially for working moms. Not only will it free up your time, but it also gives your kids the chance to learn a new sport, art, or activity!  
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Not everything in life is a tit-for-tat trade. Get comfortable with asking friends for help, whether that means watching your kids for a few hours or running an errand on your behalf. Sometimes, you need help from another family and won’t be able to give them something in return—and that’s okay! 

Optimize Bedtime  

Bedtime can often feel like the bane of your existence as a parent. Help your nightly routine go more smoothly with these tips: 

  1. Offer limited choices. One thing is certain about kids: they love to be in control. When it comes to bedtime, indecision can turn a short routine into an exhausting to-do. Instead of giving your children total control, give them a few options to choose from for pajamas, bedtime stories, and more. They’ll have an easier time deciding and will be none-the-wiser that you’ve limited their choices. 
  2. Give ample warning timeprior to bedtime. Kids have a limited sense of time and bedtime can often catch them off guard; it’s a recipe for disaster. Give lots of warning time prior to bedtime so that they have time to wrap up their day.  
  3. Turn off electronics 30 minutes before bed. Blue light from electronics can disturb circadian rhythm, so it’s a good idea to turn them off prior to bedtime. 30 minutes is sufficient. That goes for you too, mom! 
  4. Improve your bedtime routine, too. The best preparation for the day is a good night’s sleep, so make sure you get one, too. CBD gummies (https://cbdfx.com/collections/cbd-gummies/) can help ease you into sleep quickly and painlessly! 

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