10 Steps To A Healthier You

10 Steps To A Healthier You

It’s very easy to get distracted by other life goals, but nothing in this world is more precious than your body. Therefore, going the extra mile to keep your health in top condition should be at the top of everyone’s agenda. After all, it’s the perfect solution to enhance both the quality and quantity of your life.

As a mother, it also helps you do more as a parent while setting a great example for the kids. Frankly, there’s never been a better time to make those crucial lifestyle changes.

Here 12 steps that are sure to unlock a healthier, happier future.


#1. Drink Yourself Healthy

Every healthy living manual emphasizes the importance of nutrition. Before worrying about what you eat, however, it’s imperative that you focus on good hydration. Confusing hunger for thirst is one of the main problems that stops people reaching their weight loss goals. However, controlling food cravings is only one of many benefits gained from drinking more water.

Aside from drinking at least two liters of water per day, you can try adding green tea to your diet. Detox teas can be a great way to kickstart a new health kick. The right hydration will also bring huge benefits to skin, teeth, and metabolisms. Perhaps most tellingly, you’ll gain increased energy too.

Whether it’s to lose weight or encourage better internal health, increasing your fluid intake should be top of the agenda. While the odd glass of wine or beer has been proven to bring health benefits, moderation is key. As for calorie-loaded sodas, removing them from daily consumption can work wonders.


#2. Adopt A Balanced Diet 

So many people think that dieting means sacrificing the positive relationship with food. It doesn’t need to be that way, though. Mealtimes can remain enjoyable, and there’s nothing to stop you having the odd treat. The important factor, however, is to ensure that there’s a sense of balance.

First and foremost, you want to understand any allergies you may have by completing various tests. As for building your general diet, remember that it should be sustainable. Quick fad diets can give you a great starting point, but you will need to find a long-term solution too. Fruit and vegetables should play a central role, regardless of whether you’re a meat eater or not.

A balanced diet doesn’t only fight obesity. It will beat cholesterol, fatigue, and a whole host of other health issues. You need to pay attention to your body and the signs it’s giving you. If you suffer from chronic fatigue, this might indicate a larger problem. Mental or physical exhaustion is often a sign of magnesium deficiency. However, fatigue is non-specific and normally isn’t enough to indicate a deficiency. Typically, there will be other symptoms experienced, such as muscle weakness and loss of appetite. Essentially, the human body is the most complex system imaginable. Fueling it in the right way will go a long way to keeping you in good health.

#3. Avoid Negative Influences

Most people appreciate the significance of fueling their bodies with the right things. Then again, it can be equally crucial to stop introducing negative materials. In truth, avoiding those can often have the greatest impact of all.   

Drugs and excessive alcohol will cause visible changes to physical appearances. More worryingly, though, they cause irreparable damage to your insides. Cigarettes are another major source of problems. If quitting isn’t an option, products from brands like these can help you switch to less damaging alternatives. This is before eventually giving up altogether. Sometimes, viewing the long-term picture is vital.

The negative influences in your world may also come from people. Sadly, negativity breeds negativity in the same way that positivity promotes positivity. Even when it seems difficult, dropping the bad people from your world can make a world of difference.

#4. Make Exercise Fun

Along with nutrition, regular exercise helps provide the foundations of a healthy lifestyle. Keeping fit goes a long way to maintaining a good physique and body image. Meanwhile, the release of endorphins aids emotional happiness and general motivation. As a mother, though, the greatest incentive comes from being able to play a more active role with kids.

For exercise to become a natural part of your schedule, it’s imperative that you make it fun. Slogging it out in the gym is fine for some, but others prefer these home workout DVDs. Alternatively, team sports like netball or soccer can be a great source of burning calories without even thinking about it.

The social element is important for successful exercise and can be further enhanced by teaming up with a fitness buddy. You don’t need to look like a model to successfully transform your health via exercise. As long as your priorities are in good order, you should be just fine.

#5. Actively Fight Illnesses

It’s impossible to protect the body on a 24/7 basis, and we will all suffer minor illnesses from time to time. As a mom, though, you cannot afford to be out of action for too long. Leading a healthy lifestyle helps reduce the chances of suffering. Meanwhile, you should ensure that the home is insulated to fight chills and similar problems.

Nonetheless, you will get ill from time to time. Furthermore, weaker immune systems ensure that the kids will pick up minor issues from time to time. Knowing how to deal with those issues in a quick and efficient manner is essential for maintaining good health for the entire family.

Even minor household chores become harder when you are sick. This is a time where your body needs greater care than ever before. Underestimate it at your peril.   

#6. Feed Your Mind

Modern society now appreciates that emotional health is as vital as physical health. However, only you can take control of those mental aspects. Creating time to do the things you enjoy with the people you love is essential. Frankly, ignoring the need for a positive work-life balance will cause major problems.

Whether it’s exploring the world or helping people in need, following your passions is key. Nonetheless, there is no surefire way to prevent mental diseases. Therefore, if you ever notice any indication of anxiety or other disorders, you must act fast. The most important step to fighting those problems is to open up about them. After all, nobody else can guess what’s going on in your mind until you’re willing to talk.

They say that a healthy body breeds a healthy mind, but it’s important to appreciate that the reverse statement rings equally true. You only get one shot to enjoy this life, and happiness is the glue that holds it all together. Apart from anything else, a happy mom can provide a better platform for the children too.

#7. Enjoy Adult Company

As a mother, the kids will forever remain your number one priority. However, ignoring the need for social interactions with other adults can be very damaging. For the sake of your sanity, establishing those bonds is key.

First and foremost, you must make time for your partner. Even if it means arranging some home date nights for a cheap and practical approach, embracing a relationship brings many rewards. If nothing else, it’ll help you appreciate how fortunate you are to have created a family together.

Friendships are equally crucial, however, and must not be forgotten. Activities may change as you get older, but those magical moments with those people you love are key for emotional stability. Besides, the opportunity to break away from parenting for a short while makes you appreciate time with the kids too.

#8. Look Good

We all know that appearances count for a lot in this world, and looking good goes a long way to helping us feel good. More importantly, though, those beauty routines can actively promote better health too.  

A winning smile is undoubtedly one of the main items on the agenda. Good oral hygiene doesn’t just boost the appearance though. It can also help reduce the threat of various health issues, including some that you wouldn’t necessarily link to the condition of your mouth. On a similar note, improving your figure can work wonders for posture and other factors.

Aside from the physical benefits, improving your looks will increase self-confidence. This in itself is crucial for ongoing health, especially when setting an example as a mom. Life tends to try and knock you at every turn. When you look good, however, this becomes far less likely.

#9. Overcome Financial Problems

The link between financial stability and good health may seem like a tenuous one. On the contrary, money has a major influence on your options and opportunities. The results won’t only impact your physical health, though. In reality, the emotional impressions are even greater.

Money worries are the most common form of stress to harm modern generations. While you don’t need to be rich, gaining a sense of stability is key. Something as simple as reducing monthly expenses with these comparison websites can make a huge difference. After all, it removes the pressure to earn quite so much money.

Of course, there are more severe methods to cutting costs. Alternatively, you could look to earn a little extra income through a variety of methods. One way or another, though, creating a stronger financial platform is essential.

#10. Get More Sleep

Improvements to daily rituals and activities will bring positivity to your world. However, their impacts are greatly reduced when you aren’t getting enough sleep. If there’s only one simple adjustment that you must look to incorporate immediately, this is it.

Sleep actively allows your body and mind to recover and recuperate. Moreover, it has a telling impact on energy levels, physical appearances, and your ability to complete basic tasks. With bedding materials like these, mom will soon be sleeping like a baby. Another top trick is to turn off social media for at least an hour before bed. Do something relaxing like taking a bath to prepare yourself for bed instead.

Sleep apnea, which affects tens of millions of Americans, dramatically impacts a person’s sleep. This condition lets you experience pauses in breathing (apnea) during sleep that last up to 20 seconds and occur as frequently as 100 times in an hour. Sleep apnea requires an oral appliance that provides a steady stream of air to the user’s airway to alleviate apnea episodes. The oral appliance can be a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine, bilevel positive airway pressure (BiPAP or BPAP), or others.

Insomnia and poor sleeping patterns will harm your health in several ways. Besides, waking up ready to attack the day will make it far easier to succeed in those other tasks. Get this right, and the road to increase health and happiness will suddenly feel smoother than ever.   



  1. Kari Lorz says

    I totally agree about #9! Money problems weigh so heavily on people and cause so much stress. If you get this piece under control you will significantly improve your stress levels = healthier you!

  2. Christina A. says

    These are great tips…and a few that I honestly need to work on…and this reminder is good!

  3. These are great tips for staying healthy.

  4. MeMe R says

    #7 Pretty important no matter or not if you have kids. The art of conversation seems to be dying out. However, that is a slightly different topic. Good tips, especially for starting the year off trying to reboot.

  5. Vape Kit UK says

    These all are great tips. Thanks for sharing.

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