10 Great Reasons Why You Should Further Your Education After You’ve Had Kids

Once you have become a parent, everything in your life changes, and what was once important to you seems to be the last thing on your list of priorities. Nothing quite changes you like parenthood does, and you can find yourself doing some things you never thought you would do, including going back to school. Having children and looking after a family is a demanding and tiring job, that often leaves you feeling exhausted both mentally and physically, which can make going back to work, never mind school, feel like an impossible task. Life can get crazy but it doesn’t mean you have to pay someone to do my homework online.

For many parents, going to college when they were younger and furthering their education was only an option for the privileged few, which meant that learning took a back seat, while getting employment to support your family was the priority. However, things have changed, and through the developments in online learning, you can make the most of the new educational opportunities that are available to you. While you may consider your children one of the factors in your life that are stopping you from returning to school, they are one of the best reasons why you should invest in yourself by furthering your education.

Just in case you aren’t convinced enough, here are 10 great reasons why you should further your education after you’ve had kids.  

Skills Development  

Whereas traditionally you would either be employed full time to provide for your family or you would be at home taking care of your family, most families now need two salaries coming into the household to make ends meet. Both moms and dads are now expected to juggle what is required of them both at home, and at work, which means that you need to have the skills required to get a good job with a decent paying salary. Even if you did well at school the first time around and learnthe skills for your current job, the world is a much faster paced environment than it used to be, and with every area of society developing all the time, it is important that your skills develop with it. Going back to school and furthering your education will help you to develop your skills and learn new information and techniques to help you progress in your field.  

Lower Risk of Unemployment  

While most of us are afraid of the consequences of unemployment, those of us with a family have the added pressure of caring for our children as well. Unemployment is a risk in today’s current climate, and if you want to increase the stability in your job, then it is important that you make yourself an irreplaceable member of staff Having a college degree on your resume may help you hold on to a job you are currently in or get a new job more easilyMany colleges now have ties with employers so that you can benefit from these links and get a job quicker 

Setting a Good Example for Your Own Kids  

What better way is there to show your kids the importance of school and working hard than by going back to school yourself? When children are younger, they are less likely to be aware of just how important their education is, but watching you go back to school later in life may make them realize how essential it is. Children tend to copy the actions of their parents, and by highlighting and showing the importance of learning within your own life, your kids will start to adapt those principles themselves.  

Personal Fulfillment  

When you become a mom or dad, you can find that most of the things you do in life are for your children. While of course there is nothing wrong with making your kids your number one priority, it is important that you do some things for your own sake. While studying for a degree is not easy, the sense of achievement and fulfillment that it can offer you once you have completed the course is immense. Your kids won’t stay young forever, and as they get older you can expect them to rely on you less, meaning that you have more free time to yourself. Therefore, it is important that yomake plans for your own future as well as for your children.  

You Can Do It Online 

There have been huge technological developments in recent years, and this has been reflected in the world of education. One of the biggest developments when it comes to education is the degrees that are now available online. This has opened many more doors for parents who want to further their learning but are worried about having the time to physically go back to school. However, by doing an online degree, such as the BSN to FNP programs available at Carson-Newman University, you can continue to work as a nurse and look after your family, while studying online. The BSN to FNP programs are very popular with more mature students, with the average age of an online student being 38 years old. Therefore, if you are considering going back to schoolthe wide range of courses that are available online that allow you to study at your own convenience are a great reason to go for it!  

Do it for You  

Being a parent means sacrificing a lot of things that are important to you, such as your free time and sleep, so it is important that you do things for yourself from time to time. Parenthood is one of the most demanding and thankless jobs you can have, so it is important for you to reclaim some of your own life back and do something that is important to you. Furthering your education opens many more doors of opportunity for you and can transform your own life, as well as your family’s.   

Do it for Your Kids  

By furthering your education and taking your skills and qualifications to the next level, you can improve your whole quality of life, which will impact on both you and your children. Getting a degree will develop your skills and knowledge, which can boost your employability, meaning that you can get a more secure and better paid job. Career advancement is one of the main motivations behind adults returning to education to study for their first college degree, or for their master’s. Doing it for your kids is a great reason to go back to school as it can help you secure a high salary career and help you to provide a better future for your children.  

Because You Are Never Too Old  

Many people assume that when you are young is the time for studying, but with the world now being a much faster paced environment than it was 50 years ago, it is important that we regularly update our understandings through learning new techniques. Paradigms and disciplines are constantly being researched and redeveloping due to technological advancements, so it is important that you do the same. Many mature students are heading back to school so that they can develop their own skills and keep up to date with the constantly changing world. If you are worried about being an adult learner and feeling out of place in a traditional learning environment, then you can instead use online learning opportunities to ease yourself back into studying. You are never too old to improve your life, so you are never too old to further your education, whether you have children or not.  

To Challenge Yourself  

Going back to education after years away from it is not going to be an easy task, and you should be prepared for the challenge ahead. But it is important that you set yourself challenges in life to keep you feeling engaged and feeling on top of your goals. Everyone needs goals and dreams to keep them focused and positive about their life, so what other better way to go about it than to set yourself the challenge of completing a degree? Your life doesn’t stop just because you have become a parent, so it is crucial that you set yourself challenges from time to time.  


While there are many great reasons why you should further your education once you have had children, the main motivation behind going back to studying has got to be because you enjoy it. It is important that you don’t force yourself into doing something that you don’t want to do because you feel pressured by others, but instead do it because you want to. Developing your learning can be a very enjoyable and fulfilling experience, and if it is something that you think you would enjoy, then you should go for it.  

Making the decision to go back to education once you have had a family is not easy, but by focusing on the positive motivations behind it and utilizing online degrees, you can build a better future for you and your family.  

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