10 Best Tips For Traveling to Los Angeles

10 Best Tips For Travelling to Los Angeles

The City of Angles is one of the best cities to spend a few days for a vacation in the United States. You can go celeb spotting, visit Universal Studies, or witness some of the best sunsets over Hollywood. It’s easy to find a comfortable hotel or even splurge on one of the Los Angeles mansions to make sure that your trip is perfect. So, if you’re planning to visit LA this year and are looking for a few essential tips before you visit, keep reading.

Here are the 10 best tips for traveling to Los Angeles.

1# Plan Your Trip:

This may sound like an obvious point, but let me explain. LA is huge and most of the attractions are far apart. It can sometimes be difficult to get from one place to the next without finding yourself sat in traffic jams or being on public transport for hours. Doesn’t it make more sense to visit the sights that are closer to each other on the same day?

2# Buy Tickets Online:

If you know where you definitely want to go, don’t wait until the last minute to buy tickets. Most attractions, especially theme parks, have special offers and promotions that you can buy online in advance. This is a great way to save money and time.

3# Check out the Food Trucks:

One of the best things about this city is the availability of good food at affordable prices. The dishes are diverse and you can pick up a decent meal for just a few dollars. If you want to experience the best of the best, you don’t have to go to the Michelin Star restaurants. Food trucks that roam around the city are a favorite of many locals and will probably become a favorite for you too. Use Google and follow the food trucks on social media to find out where they’re going to be.

4# The LA Happy Hour is Awesome:

If you’re traveling on a budget, a great way to save a little extra is by getting a discount on your food and drinks. Happy Hour in LA will often include special promotions on food as well as drinks. It’s a good idea to find out what restaurants follow this promotion and swing by to take advantage of great prices. This is especially good for tourists as LA is notorious for being an expensive city.

5# Join a Walking Tour:

Free walking tours are available on most days of the year and will take tourists around the main attractions. This is the perfect way to get your bearings when you first arrive and for some good local

info. Typical tours also give you suggestions on the best things to do and places to eat. Despite the tour being advertised as free, most guides appreciate a small tip.

6# Don’t Spend Your Time on a Busy Beach:

Los Angeles has some amazing beaches including Santa Monica and Malibu. But because of their popularity, it attracts lots of locals and tourists. There are lots of quieter beaches a little further away from the city, which are easy to reach by car. Fewer people equals a more relaxing experience for you.

7# Take Advantage of Free Museum Days:

Fans of history and culture will love this tip. Most museums have certain days in the week or month where admission is free. This means you can plan your visit to coincide with these days and save quite a lot from entrance fees. Search online to find what museums you want to visit and see if they have an upcoming free day. Why go today when it’s free tomorrow?

8# Enjoy Some Entertainment:

Outdoor concerts and events are commonplace around Los Angeles. Some take place in parks whereas others are inside full capacity arenas. Many of the outdoor events are free to the public and are a great way to experience something different in the evening. If there’s nothing on, remember that you’re in Hollywood. You can expect to find cheap shows, comedy clubs, and amateur dramatics. Check online and see what’s happening when you’re in the city.

9# Take Part in a Free Yoga Class:

Another great thing about LA is the free-spirited residents who call this city home and some of them love doing yoga. It has become a popular health activity here in LA and a number of free classes are held every week in the parks and along the beach. If you’re into yoga, this is a great way to spend an hour or two in the evening. Feel free to give the teacher a tip to show your appreciation.

10# Don’t Spend All Your Time in LA:

It can be tempting to spend all your time exploring and travelling around the city itself. But, did you know that Palm Springs is just a short two-hour drive away? You can also spend the day hiking in the national parks or go a little further afield and join some wine tasting tours. Los Angeles is great, however, there are a lot of other interesting places to visit nearby too.

The Bottom Line:

Los Angeles is a great city and you can make your trip even better by following some of these 10 tips. Check online for entertainment, free museum days, and take advantage of the food trucks and Happy Hour. If you do, your vacation in LA is probably going to be a trip of a lifetime.


  1. These are great tips for travelling in LA.

  2. MeMe R says

    Oh I want to be in Ca right now. I have not been since I was a kid and could use the change in weather.

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