Windows XP End of Support Coming Soon | Windows 8 Upgrade Offer | #WindowsChampions

Windows XP End of Support We use our computers for many different reasons. Some use it for casual use like email, browsing and shopping, others for school, and some for business. Everyone has one common denominator when it comes to their files and information... we want it to be secure and safe. If you are using Windows XP... the following information is VITAL to you. In 2001, Windows XP was launched, and went on to become Microsoft’s … [Read more...]

Ethan’s 4th Birthday | Recovering Deleted Photos

Today (Saturday) was Ethan’s 4th birthday. To make it extra special we took him to play at The Track in Branson, MO (review to come later). We had a long, hot but fun day. In a hurry to clear my memory card so I could join the family at the pool I thought I transferred my photos to my hard drive. I reformatted my memory card so I had a clean slate for the pool photos. Tonight when I went to find the photos... they were nowhere to be found. As … [Read more...]