Stopain | Topical Migraine Pain Relief #migrainerelief

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Suffering from headaches is an inconvenience and a pain (literally). I have been fortunate to not have had many in my life. But, my husband and son are one of the 36 million people in the US that suffer from debilitating migraines. They describe them as a typical headache times 100. Both of them are light and sound sensitive when they hit, which means time alone in a dark room is in order. If they don’t take or do something for them immediately they can last up to 72 hours. Fast relief is the key to getting life back on track for my guys.

We’ve purchased many products with hopes of it being “the” magical product that will work quickly for them. So far we are still looking. That’s why when I heard about Stopain Migraine our interest was peaked. Stopain is a new product that is the first, fast-acting TOPICAL pain relieving gel used to safely and effectively to relieve migraine pain.

Because Stopain Migraine is applied topically to the back of the neck and behind each ear, it can be used alone (up to 4x per day compared to other migraine treatments that can only be used once per day) or in combination with other migraine medications without fear of drug interactions. It does not contain aspirin, caffeine, or acetaminophen and is free of dyes and preservatives.


Stopain Migraine is available at Walmart stores and  To learn more about Stopain Migraine, visit and LIKE the brand on Facebook

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