Pizza Hut Flavor of Now | New Ingredients and Combinations #FlavorofNow

Pizza Hut Flavor of Now | New Ingredients and Combinations #FlavorofNow


Pizza Hut is breaking through the crowds of classic pizzas and is launching “Flavor of Now”.”

With new ingredients and menu offerings, numerous combinations and amazing flavors, it’s changing the world of pizza as we know it!


Some of the new specialty pizzas offer new flavors, bold sauces, crust flavors and drizzles.

We were offered the chance to sample some of the new options.

Although several of the new specialties were talking my language, my children can be on the picky side when it comes to pizza.

I decided to play it safe and I went with the create your own option


We started with a large pan pizza, added our favorite toppings and decided we should spice up our classic pizza with some “Flavor of Now”. We added classic meatballs to our toppings.

The new “Flavor of Now” Menu includes:

– 5 new toppings: premium salami, sliced banana peppers, classic meatballs, fresh spinach, Peruvian cherry peppers

– 6 bold sauces: classic marinara, premium crushed tomato, creamy garlic parmesan, buffalo, honey Sriracha, barbeque


There are now 8 crust flavors: Hut favorite, toasted parmesan, salted pretzel, honey Sriracha, fiery red pepper, toasted cheddar, toasted asiago, garlic buttery blend


We’ve tried Hut favorite… it’s a favorite in our house as well. This time we went wild and ordered salted pretzel.

I could not believe how good the salted pretzel flavor was on this crust! Everyone was guarding their pizza crust because there were swipers in the house wanting to eat only the crust.

I was beyond full, but the after taste of the salted pretzel was calling me… it’s that good.


Pizza Hut “Flavor of Now” also offers a choice of  4 drizzles: balsamic, honey Sriracha, buffalo, barbeque. Because I had changed up our order enough that it wasn’t their regular I didn’t chose this option, but I could totally see how some of these might really put a zip into the right combinations.

With so many new options to try I know our family will not be bored with our choices for some time to come.

Check out the Pizza Hut site for more information on “Flavor of Now”…. or Order Here!

What new “Flavor of Now” options sound good to you? Have you tried any? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

Give Pizza Hut’s all-new menu a try with 5 premium new ingredients, 6 bold new sauces and 10 amazing new crust flavors. Build your own creation now at

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Pizza Hut. The opinions and text are all mine.