Investing In Home Entertainment for Each Member of the Family

Investing In Home Entertainment for Each Member of the Family

Here’s the kicker: family life just isn’t what it used to be. Parents clock in long hours. Kids trickle in each afternoon from school, sports practice or private lessons. Each member of the family has different entertainment needs.

Whether you’re just interested in home entertainment ideas catering to each family member, or just want to invest in something new, here are some measures you can take to keep the smiles abundant:

For the father

Funnel cakes, go-karting, camping, thrilling rides – these types of entertainment are meant for the outdoors. But is there something you could invest in to keep the man of the house engaged and entertained?

One option is to invest in an indoor golf course, which is particularly useful when the dad is a beginner at putt-putt. The kids can join in as well. Stick with a miniature investment because there is less space around the property.

Another option is digital or satellite cable TV that covers southeastern, northeastern and all other states in the country. He would get access to a variety of shows (Pawn Stars, American Dad, etc.) from the comfort of home. In addition, with options like DIRECTV installers, he would be able to utilize the NFL Sunday Ticket, which allows him to watch live sports on the go. With live programming for NFL and other sports available on smart devices, such as tablets and mobile phones, expect your better half to appreciate such an investment.


For the kids

With the cable programming investment, kids would be able to watch their favorite shows on television and smart devices (if they’re permitted to use any). Programs like Reading Rainbow have received several broadcast awards (including rounds of Emmy Awards) and are likely to keep the kids entertained.

Another thing you can do is buy some chia seeds and help kids grow some lovely grass in the backyard or inside the house in a big pot. So many learning opportunities in this one from planning for the future to taking care of your investment. Your preschoolers will be fascinated when green patches appear. You can also invest in some toys and mix them up with toys from your childhood to keep kids entertained. Depending on how sparse your toy basket is, try grabbing a few bags in the toy section at the superstore. By just investing few bucks you would be able to get bags full of dolls, stuffed animals, miniature cars, etc.

If kids frequently have friends sleep over, you can throw in a few coloring books that keep them busy overnight. While coloring pages can be printed online, coloring books at book stores often have a storytelling element to them.

For yourself

While the things you invest in for the kids and the man of the house will be enough to keep your schedule tight, you can get a few things for you and your girlfriends exclusively.

For instance, you could order a subscription box from BirchBox or invest in some beauty products to host a Beauty Product Test Party.

Guests can be asked which products they’ve been dying to try (you give them options depending on your budget). Then, you can take turns and test products together.

In the end, you can even send feedback on the items or make video reviews. Who knows maybe you’ll start receiving free products to test.